Friendly Siberian Husky with a strange mask on the face

Siberian husky breed dogs have a surprisingly friendly and docile character, as well as a special northern beauty.: bright eyes and a pretty mask on the face due to the multi-colored coat color.

Not an exception to the rule - the Siberian Husky Anuko. At the age of 8 weeks, he won the heart of his mistress and was accepted into the family of twenty-year-old Jasmine Milton from Telford (Great Britain).

From puppyhood, Anuko retains a funny grimace of gloomy grandfather, critically considering you from under shaggy eyebrows.

Jasmine adores his dog!
But she doesn’t have to rely on a smile from a husky: with deer horns on her head, a scarf with cheerful Norwegian patterns around her neck - somehow, but Jasmine herself has to smile for a photo!

The girl is happy to talk about her pet. He is very friendly and never growls, always staying calm, lazy and relaxed.

The season of holidays Anuko loves because of the cold, but remains disappointed if he is forbidden to play with Christmas ornaments or try to try on his clothes.

This year, Anuko had to be nervous because of the tooth, which he broke, chewing with too much enthusiasm found in the forest deer horn. He needed an expensive dental operation, so Christmas gifts had to be canceled this year.

The first meeting of inseparable Jasmine and Anuko occurred when the puppy was 5 weeks old.

The girl was depressed, among other psychological disorders, and the dog helped her cope with the ailment. Husky gave her emotional support, the desire to get out of bed in the morning and lead a full, meaningful life.

“Until the moment when Anuko became a member of my family, I felt lost, without a purpose in life. Now everything fell into place.

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