Friends of Johnny Depp worry about his health

Publication from Concert Photo (@live_concert_photo)1 Jun 2018 at 12:20 pm PDT

“No, he is not sick of anything. But he lives in a state of permanent stress, and this tour of his only worsens the situation. Now Johnny is busy with his group, and he is immersed in rock and roll headlong - so to speak, he gets into the role, but in this way he will soon ruin himself and his health, and everything else. If you want to know my opinion, there is a catastrophic lack of a woman in his life. When Johnny is left to himself, he often does not know the measure. He just burns his life, "- said one of Depp's friends. It sounds quite true: if you think about it, then after the scandalous divorce with Amber Heard last January, Johnny’s life compass seemed to falter a bit ... Well, it remains to hope that the whole world did not end for Amber and sooner or later his second Vanessa Depp was all -that will find.

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