Frog on the lake

My daughter loves to listen to fairy tales. She is madly in love with the plots, heroes and all the teachings and teachings that are hidden in the texts. My husband and I read them not only at bedtime, but during the game, at dinner, and even in the bathroom. In the story of the tale, the little girl often drew illustrations, we sculpted the main characters from clay and clay, made a theater out of paper, and then played up some situations. But once we took knitting yarns and invented real beauty. We have a beautiful frog that sits on a charming swamp and is waiting for its hero. The master class consists of two parts: a lake of threads with flowers, plus a frog of pompons. For work, we will prepare the following materials: - a balloon; - tube PVA glue; - a plate for glue; - scissors; - a piece of cardboard; - knitting threads (necessarily green and light green, plus all sorts of bright shades).
For We will prepare such materials
First we inflate the ball and tie it so that it does not blow off I. We take a plate and pour glue into it. It should be diluted slightly with water so that it is more liquid.Cut the thread about 25 cm long. Such threads will need a lot, it all depends on how big the ball is.
 Take a plate
The thread must be immersed in a plate with glue and soak them well.
pour glue into it
Begin to stick one thread on the wide edge of the ball (opposite the tail). We must try to alternate the threads in color and each tightly pressed to the base.
 We start to stick threads on the ball
As soon as the whole base is evenly filled, put the ball on a plastic bag and leave to dry overnight. It is better to bring closer to the battery, so the craft will grab faster. In the morning, work continues. Choose bright colored threads (the more shades, the more interesting) and make small flowers.
 Choose bright colored threads
You need to cut off by 7-9 thread (length 3-4 cm) and glue them in the form of a spiral on a drop of glue.Although you can give them a different form. Here are such small and lovely flowers coming out.  It remains only to blow off the ball
It remains only to blow off the ball (it is enough to cut off the tail) and carefully remove it. It turns out a beautiful shape in the form of a deep bowl or plate. You can put there candy or cookies, so the blank will serve you as a candy.
 It turns out a beautiful form
add some sweets or cookies But we have not made a frog yet. We take a thick cardboard and cut out four blanks in the form of a ring.
 Take a tight cardboard
Two smaller ones are stacked together and cut holes for the thread. We wind the dark green thread on one half, and the green thread on the second. So get a fun pompon.
Wrap thread
Cut the thread between the blanks from the wide edge of the ring using a stationery knife.We link them in the middle, straighten them and get a pompon.
 Cut the threads between blanks
From the big rings we make the second pompon, more . Only for him there is no need to separate the threads, and lettuce and dark green should be wound together around the entire perimeter of the ring.
 dragging on
Glue pompons to each other. Small is the head, and big is the body of the frog.
 Paste the pompons
It remains to" revive "our little animal. Glue eyes, mouth, nose, make pens and a bow for a girl.
 Glue the eyes
Put blue napkins (imitation of water) or a piece of cloth into the bog-shape.
We populate our green frog
We populate our green frog and that's it, the work is completed.
Frog on the lake
 Frog on the lake
My daughter plays with her various tales of fairy tales in which the heroes of the frog .

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