From such wedding photos is breathtaking. Oh, those Japanese!

Wedding photos are rarely able to surprise any new idea. But in his new project Tokyo photographer Haruhiko Kawaguki embodied a concept from which you will catch your breath - in the strictest sense of the word!

His series of photos of "Flesh Love" consists of pictures of young couples, tightly pressed together inside hermetically sealed plastic bags. According to Kawaguki, in this way he wanted to express emotional intimacy between people in a more literal embodiment.

The process of creating such personnel is quite simple, although it is associated with a certain risk. First, lovers cover with a lubricant to avoid friction with polyethylene. They are then placed inside a bag from which all air is completely sucked. The pair is tightly sealed in a tight cocoon of love.

After taking a few quick shots, Kawaguki permits the assistant to open the film.People inside need to hold their breath for ten seconds or more, so that when released, they are given out cylinders with pure oxygen. And in case events take a dangerous turn, a doctor is always on duty at the scene.

Despite the risk, the idea of ​​Kawaguki is popular with newlyweds who want to remember their wedding photo session for life.

“Love unites a man and a woman into one,” explains the photographer. “I’m trying to show this irresistible power of love with my pictures, bringing couples as close to each other as possible. The smaller the distance between them, the stronger the attraction of love. ”

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