From what barley grits?

Catherine Ivanova
Catherine Ivanova
December 6, 2012
From what barley grits?

Many people love and enjoy eating all kinds of cereals. There is a lot of croup and they are all made from a different type of grain and according to different technologies. From what barley grits?

So beloved by Peter I, it is made from barley grains. But the technology of its processing is different from pearl barley, which is also a product of barley. For barley cereals, barley grains (kernels) are finely crushed on special machines, called roller ones. At the same time, it is not cleaned of fruit casings and not polished like barley. Therefore, the barley is small and a bit like semolina. Depending on the intensity of crushing, it is divided into three numbers. No. 1 - the largest, and No. 3, respectively, the most crushed.

Useful properties of yachki

Barley grits are not very popular with customers. It is considered not very high quality cereal. Such an opinion is not at all justified. The yachka contains many proteins (almost 10 grams. Per 100 grams of cereals), as well as various minerals. Among them, phosphorus comes first, followed by potassium and calcium, followed by magnesium, sodium, iron, zinc, fluorine and others.In addition, this cereal contains vitamins that are very useful for humans: PP, B2 and B1, A, D and E.

Since the yachka is not polished or cleaned as thoroughly as barley, there is much more fiber in it. That is why it is useful for people with obesity or overweight. It is often recommended for improving the work of the intestines, as well as in impaired metabolism. Yachka is very useful for removing toxins from the body and cleansing the stomach and intestines. Protein of this particular cereal is best absorbed by the body.

Now you know what barley cereals are made of and how useful it is.

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