Funny couplets on March 8 - for girls from boys, for teachers, mothers and grandmothers. Cool adult couplets by March 8 for corporate party

Beautiful songs and incendiary chastushki on March 8 are the best option for the entertainment of guests of the event. For example, such children's works can be sung by boys for girls and female teachers. No less delight funny adult couplets will cause and colleagues during the festive corporate party. It is important to choose cool texts correctly: they should be relevant and correspond to the created atmosphere of the March 8 holiday. At school, for example, it is possible to perform part of ditties for grandmothers or mothers. And it is possible to invite the representatives of the older generation themselves to perform the original chastooshkas at the event held.

Funny couplets on March 8

Cool couplets for girls from boys on March 8 - with texts and examples of performance

Any attention boys on March 8 like all girls. To the main fans of such care can be attributed and classmates, and girls from the parallel. Therefore, the boys for the event dedicated to the women's day, it is worth preparing cool ditties for March 8 for girls. Performed texts can be any: from simply interesting to frankly funny. But be sure to bear in mind that girls should really like such performances, and best of all, be remembered for a long time.

What kind of funny ditties can boys perform for girls on the holiday of March 8?

Cool couplets on March 8 from the boys should sound incendiary and funny, so you should choose a good soundtrack. With careful preparation to hold a stunning impression on all the girls in school or classroom is not difficult.

Funny couplets on March 8

Valya tormented comb,
To school did her hair.
Tortured, tormented,
And it turned out stuffed!


For what, say, children,

Are there books?

To beat our Marrying

All the boys by them.


Who has a lot of fives

And the mind is wit.

Jana knows everything in the world

Even about a shovel.


Cricket creaked at the desk

And reminded us that

How our Tanya plays

Us on the violin bow.

Examples of performance of funny songs in honor of March 8 from boys

It is much easier to pick up chastooshkas and begin to study them after getting acquainted with the example of giving such a number. Therefore, boys are encouraged to view the proposed video and determine the best option for performance with ditties at the March 8 holiday.

In the class of the girl we have -

Good girls, beauties!

And admit to us boys

It's very like it!


Katya is a kind soul -

Everyone is nice, good.

He loves school, loves work.

And everyone in the class is a true friend.


Tanya ours on lessons

Writes all the messages.

Who will receive the telegram,

Suffers punishment.


Original chastushkas for beloved mothers and grandmothers for the holiday of March 8 at school

Funny couplets on March 8

Perform the original chastushki on March 8, my grandmother and mother can be at any school holiday: in the assembly hall or at an extra-curricular event. The prepared numbers will surely delight loved and dear women, will cause them positive emotions.

Texts of chastushki for the holiday of March 8 for beloved mummies

It is best to perform a ditties for my mother on March 8th, which will be able to tell about how good she is.Among the proposed examples of texts you can pick up beautiful songs that fully comply with this requirement.

Very soon we will all meet

Women's holiday and Spring.

On this day my mother asked

Give her ... silence!


I walk with my mother by the hand,
Tight mom I hold,
So that mom was not afraid
That she was not lost.


Here I decided that I'm on holiday
Cute mom will do -
I will become very obedient
For the whole week!


Mom deliciously fed
And beautifully dressed.
Here is a mom,

Gold straight!

Examples of original ditties for the school for the holiday of March 8 - for beloved grandmothers

Grandmothers like the funny and funny ditties. Perky works for the holiday of March 8, you can take the proposed options:

Hug you hot
Be healthy, do not be ill!
And gifts to all grandchildren
Do not forget to buy.


The house is clean - lovely sight,
How grandma will tidy up
The table will cover - eating
Every mouth rejoices!


I will go to visit my grandmother
I will give her flowers.
I love her so much
Without it, I can not.


Now with my grandmother
We will go play hockey.
I scored three goals for her,
And she is thirty-three to me!

Funny adult couplets for corporate party in honor of March 8

Funny couplets on March 8

Nothing cheers adults like a fun performance of a variety of pieces. Chastushkas are the most attractive option to complement the usual corporate party. They will help even the most silent colleagues to relax, laugh heartily. It is possible to pick up funny chastushkas for March 8 for corporate parties in any quantity and with any text. The main thing is that the boss present at the March 8 holiday should not be against such amateur performance.

Adult couplets for the holiday of March 8 for corporate party

It is also important to take into account the peculiarities of the content of different texts. It is desirable that frankly rude or unacceptable statements for the team were not in them. It should also be borne in mind that adult funny couplets on March 8 may contain a battle. Such examples are best left aside.

Our dear ladies,
Congratulations on a women's day!
We are now for you to dance
And we will sing songs.


You're cultured and hard
And self-confident
Not afraid of you probably
Any work on Earth.


A rose is worth a hundred rubles,
A carnation - thirty.
You understand on a women's day -
There is something to strive for!


Its sweet on a woman's day
I will give a miracle crap
By her order.
And a flower in a vase!

Funny chastushki for corporate on March 8

Really cool and genuinely ridiculous can be considered universal ditties who do not focus on specific characters. Therefore, for a large corporate party in several departments, it is better to choose “harmless” texts.

March 8 came,
And completely inappropriate,
I'm afraid of rings and tequila,
I do not have enough!


I'm on the day of March 8
Gave your favorite card.
Where is she now do not know
Somewhere, maybe in Altai


Spring came to everyone in the heart
March 8 at the porch
It congratulates women,
And decorates with flowers!


Dear you, our ladies,
Congratulations on a women's day!
We warm you today
We are our soul warmth!

Examples of execution of funny adult ditties by March 8 at corporate party

It is also recommended to learn about the features of the performance of chastooshkas in advance. For example, you can assign the most active guys to colleagues to change into grandmothers and perform funny songs on their behalf. And you can even set a certain theme for the holiday: for example, to congratulate women on behalf of pirates, gentlemen, or mafia.

We note, we are not lazy,
National Women's Day!
Only a long time ago
National Women's Year


Drops drip from the roofs,
And congratulations to me not too lazy,
Since March 8, the whole earth,
And you women "Hurray!".


To us chastushki to sing not laziness,
Because women's day.
Guys, attention -
Women's suffering!


Beautiful couplets for teachers by March 8 - options for school

Funny couplets on March 8

Certainly, teachers of primary and secondary schools and high schools will like children's couplets for March 8, performed by their students. Therefore, children should be well prepared for the festive event and learn a different song, rehearse their funny performance in front of adults.

What beautiful ditties can be performed by March 8 for teachers?

Funny and beautiful couplets for March 8 for teachers can sound in different versions: from schoolchildren, from schoolchildren and their parents or from grandmothers of students. Choosing the best options is based on the features of the celebration of March 8: in the auditorium or in the classroom.

How - at our cool mom

Is there a lot to do with us?

We promise a glorious holiday -

We will obey the whole year!


This holiday is the most glorious

We will sing another couplet

And give a cool mom

The most fabulous bouquet!


Is Ivanov not at school again?

Where is Petya Ivanov?

He escaped from the lessons in the field -

Bring flowers to school!


No - chatty female students!

No - pugnacious boys!

We promise to study!

Yes - fives! No - colam!

Inclusion in the festive program dedicated to the 8th of March funny and funny chastooshkas allows you to create an amazing fun atmosphere. Like these works and girls, and moms and grandmothers. Certainly for the school you need to pick up and beautiful children's couplets on March 8 for teachers: favorite teachers will be delighted with such performances. On the working corporate can also perform incendiary adult ditties. They will help to spend time in high spirits and leave unforgettable memories from the festive event held.

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