Funny macaroni

I like to cook "not separate" main dishes, that is, those that do not consist separately of meat or fish component and side dish. I propose a recipe for the second dish, which consists of pasta, vegetables and sausage. Separately cook the pasta (400 grams of pasta). Cut one carrot and one onion into small cubes. You can take two pieces if the size of the vegetables is small.
 Jolly pasta
Sausage or boiled or smoked (gram 150-200) again cut into small cubes. Funny pasta
On sunflower oil in a pan, first fry the carrot for about 5 minutes, then add the onion and sausage. Fry another 10 minutes, while stirring regularly. Funny pasta Then add a spoonful or two of tomato puree to vegetables. Stew for 5 minutes under the lid. Then cooked and washed under cold water pasta lay in the pan to the vegetables.Mix everything well, add salt and pepper to taste, cover with a lid and leave on low heat for 5 minutes.
 Jolly pasta
So, we got" red "pasta with a piquant taste of smoked products (if the sausage used smoked). Everyday pasta turned into bright and tasty! Bon Appetit!

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