Funny Toothy Monsters

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These stupid monsters will pinchteethwhatever you want, be it keys or towels. If you have small pieces of wood or plywood, you can easily make thesefunnyhangers on your own or bring your child to this action. They can serve as decorative hangers or you can use them as attachments for notes or scrapbooks. Thesemonsters, dwelling in your apartment, will bring joy to you and those around you.

Funny toothed monsters

What we need

Funny toothed monsters

- no larger sheet of plywood or thick cardboard

- hacksaw

- clothespins

- PVA glue

- pencil and paint

How to make a coat hanger

Funny toothed monsters

Place the clothespin in the center of the plywood sheet and circle it with a pencil. This will be the nose and the clamping end of the tooth. Draw the shape of the face around it and use the jigsaw to cut the desired size. We got a square with sides in12 cm.

Funny toothed monsters

Using sandpaper, we clean rough edges.

Funny toothed monsters

Draw a funny monster face with a pencil. The end of the clothespin will be itchy and the rest of the nose will be.

Funny toothed monsters

Now we will paint our attractive face (on plywood). With the help of glue, attach a clothespin to it and paint its tip to match the color of the teeth in the picture.

Funny toothed monsters

Now our tooth will bite and keep everything you give it, preferably using light objects.

Funny toothed monsters

This mordaha can be a creative gift for your friends or loved ones, which does not require large expenditures of money and time

When choosing gifts for loved ones, you should be careful not to buy any item, such as shaving lotion.

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