Garden design: everything is in your hands

What is landscape design? For nonprofessionals, this term can be deciphered as follows: an impressive landscape that pleases the eye. Just a dacha is in the concept of many people a house on a plot and beds giving a harvest. Why not dream up and become a little landscape designer?

In order to prepare the soil as best as possible for its further use, you will need a moto-cultivator. Buy it really in one of the stores that sell this kind of technology. With it, the soil can be loosened, mixed, and crushed for planting grass. Indeed, one of the most important moments of landscape design is the landscaping of the site. The best option is to create a creative mess. It looks impressive and naturalistic. To get this result, you should use ornamental plants and wild herbs. And care for them, by the way, is not an easy task.

Now it has become fashionable to decorate the garden with a hedge. She is able to perfectly complement the architecture of the house, as well as give the site a well-groomed, attractive appearance. In addition, a hedge can serve as a fence.It will not require painting, as an ordinary fence, and it will last far more than one year. The height of the hedge is easy to adjust, just using a chainsaw. Experts recommend to create hedges such plants as St. John's wort, barberry shrubs, almonds low, currant alpine, hornbeam, hips, boxwood, steppe cherry. Such hedge not only looks great (of course, if it is properly taken care of), but also has a beneficial effect on health and health.

Being engaged in the design of the site, it is important to pay attention to its coverage. If you pick it right, you can show the beauty of the landscape at night. With the help of lighting, it’s really possible to make any plot whatever you want: mysterious, romantic, bright, open, comfortable, and so on.

It is also important to constantly monitor the condition of the lawn. It is for this purpose that experts recommend the purchase of a quality lawn mower. Its cost usually directly depends on the power and shape. The grass for a hairstyle should ideally be dry. After that it should be fed so that it does not turn yellow. Now there is a mass of all kinds of fertilizers.For example, with the help of nitrogen, it is easy to reduce rejects and increase yields. The most concentrated fertilizer of this type is ammonium nitrate. It contains zinc and copper - extremely important trace elements. Fertilizers can be liquid. In this case, they are dispersed with watering. Those in the granules are sown.

In order for the lawn to always look amazing, you can buy an acoustic bird repeller. Birds can ruin any paradise of landscape design.

Thus, to make your garden is not just a country site, but a real work of art is quite in your power. If you still do not have enough knowledge, you can always seek the help of professionals.

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