Garden furniture with own hands

Spend the weekend, and often the entire warm season in the country - this is probably the dream of every city dweller, especially the metropolis. And connoisseurs of beauty, coziness and comfort often carry out the country design with their own hands. Starting this difficult work, it is necessary, first of all, to understand that the skill of country design is to create a feeling of merging with nature. To the architectural structure of the site as much as possible merge with its landscape design, the country style or Provence, where natural materials (wood and natural stone) are used as much as possible, is best suited for this. Redevelopment and alteration of the elements of the suburban area, most often, makes this work an exciting experience.

Laying a garden, you need to plan the proper planting of fruit and ornamental trees, shrubs and climbers. Very originally decorate the site and vertical gardening, fitted on the walls of the house and summer house arbor, on specially arranged arches and not intricate than the original, forms of pergolas.They will feel great grapes, weaving roses, clematis, as well as various bushes of creeper. A man-made pond with fancy bends of the banks and planted with plants suitable for the pond can serve as decoration for the dacha design. The edges of the shore are decorated with beautiful stones of different sizes, which will give it a more natural look. Rejoicing the eye beautiful cozy garden you always want to get around and get to know each other better. For a comfortable walk through the garden it is best to make garden paths. Having correctly selected the material for them, the plot of land can be turned into a masterpiece of landscape art. Such tracks are most often made from scrap materials left over after construction: stones, bricks, wood, coarse gravel, etc. When decorating the territory of the plot with flower beds, you need to arrange them so that from early spring to late autumn they please the eye and at the same time harmoniously fit into its overall exterior. Having equipped the landscape design of the dacha, you can simply enjoy its beauty, sitting in the shade of a rolling tree. But without garden furniture, the arrangement of the site does not look complete.The easiest way would be to buy a wide range of plastic, metal or wooden furniture. But made garden furniture with your own hands, will be able to more harmoniously “get used” to the already selected overall design of the site, taking into account all its architectural structures. Here the fantasy, skill and imagination of all family members will come to the rescue. The material for the manufacture of furniture for the garden is most often used wood, with which anyone can make the most simple bench, table, chair or stove bench. In order to bring rustic color to the garden, garden furniture is deliberately made from coarsely hammered shapeless wood or is used as a stool and table. tulle with a pattern. In this case, the drawing is closed, and around it the rest of the bench is filled with a spray. With this technology, the tulle, before it dries, is immediately removed. To achieve the desired color of the picture, before this the tree is painted. Making a playground, the bench can be made in the form of fancy little animals.And it would not be bad to use aspen wood, which is known to suppress negative energy, in the manufacture of garden furniture.

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