Garden tire figures

Used car tires do not need to be thrown away. After using them for their intended purpose, you can use tires to decorate the yard or garden plot. More and more interesting ideas can be seen in others, and why not try to do the same at home? After all, the process of making many handicrafts is very simple. Giraffe For this interesting figure you need to dig one large tire into the ground, with a depth to the middle of the circle. Ahead fix a high round log with screws. On it you need to fix the muzzle - a small log house. Eyes and ears can be cut from a plastic bottle or a piece of linoleum. It remains only to paint everything yellow and make brown specks.
 Garden figures from tires For the manufacture of such crafts you need 2 tires of the same size. Fix them together with screws and attach them to the board (base).The head of an elephant is a 10-liter plastic canister, the ears are ovals from the same canister. A trunk is a piece of an old corrugated pipe, eyes are lids from canisters. Cilia can be cut from a plastic bottle. It is better to paint the elephant gray, or you can turn it into a cartoon orange hero.
 Garden figures of tires
BearThis figure is obtained from two tires of different sizes, interconnected. The big tire is the torso, and the small one is the head. To make the design more stable, tires can be put on a thin metal rod. Ears cut out of plastic or linoleum. To close the circles in the middle of the tire, you can use hardboard. If desired, the figure can also cut out the legs from the linoleum. After painting, the bear becomes an attractive decorative ornament of the garden.
 Figures for the garden of tires
Matryoshka Originally Russian toy - matryoshka . It can also be made from boo tires. Total required 7 tires. Five of them are attached one to the other in a horizontal position - this is the trunk.For greater fixation inside you can place a tall log, dug into the ground. On the edge of this log, the tire is mounted vertically - this is the head, the hollow holes are closed with circles of hardboard. On the sides you can place the hands of the tire cut in half. After all you need to paint with bright colors and portray the face. It turns out an interesting lady-madam.
 Garden figures from tires
Mickey Mouse You can make two cartoon characters: boy and girl. For each character you need 4 tires. Two bearings are laid on the ground in a horizontal position, two tires in the shape of eight are mounted on them. The emphasis of the whole structure falls on a tree. Mickey Mouse ears are made of plastic bucket covers, and hands are made of plastic pipe pieces. Bows, skirt, palms and faces should be cut out of linoleum. The lower tires are filled with fertile soil and can be used as mini flower beds. After painting, the characters look just great and attractive!
 Figures for the garden of tires
Figures for garden from tires
As you can see,There is nothing difficult in the manufacture of figures from old unnecessary bearings. Therefore, try to make something similar on your garden plot.

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