Cement garden figure

Good day to all. On the street in April. Many gardeners are already preparing for the summer season. They not only plant plants in their garden, but also love to decorate it. Recently, it has become especially fashionable to decorate your garden-garden with handicrafts - plastic bottles, tires, and so on. I also decided to decorate my garden with a hand-made craft. And I made a forest clearing with mushrooms and hemp. I needed to make crafts: - A semicircular plastic plate and a small plastic ball. - Cement, sand, water. - Disposable cups (volume 0.5l. and 0.1 l.). - Knife. - Form for pouring (old leaf for the oven). - Brushes. - Oil paints. - Plastic bottle of green color. - 5-liter plastic bottle. - Primer for painting. - Masking tape. - Scissors. - Matches, candle. - Sandpaper. - Clay. - Additional decor (flowers, butterfly, bo rd Ladybird). first I took a plastic bowl with a round bottom, for insurance smeared it inside a drop of sunflower oil to mushroom hat got out well.Spread the cement solution and pour into the plate. As you probably already understood, this is the future mushroom cap.
 Gardening figure from cement
A little later, when the cement had already grabbed, but still not quite stiffened, I took one-time a glass with a volume of 0.5 l, cut off the bottom of it and put it on top of the cap, bottom down and also filled it with a solution of cement. The mushroom is ready.
Garden figure from cement
Left the mushroom to dry for a couple of days in a warm place. Then, without any effort, I took it out of the form, I also took off the glass from the leg. I also made two small mushrooms. Hats I poured into a small plastic ball, which first cut in half, and the shape for the legs were disposable cups of 0.1 liters. When the mushrooms are completely dry, I sand all the uneven edges with sandpaper.
 Gardening figure from cement
Mushrooms are ready, it's time to make a stump. To do this, I took a 5 liter plastic bottle, cut off her lower part of the desired height.
 Garden figure fromcement
Pasting the workpiece from the outside with masking tape to make the cement stick better. The stump is ready for the stump.
 Garden figure from cement
Since I wanted to make a clearing, I needed a mold to fill it in. I thought for a long time of what to do it and then I came up with the idea to use an old sheet for baking in the oven. , poured it with cement mortar and installed inside three stump harvesting and mushrooms. All this left to dry for another couple of days.
 Gardening figure made of cement
When everything froze and began to stick together well, I began to shape the hemp Once again I mixed the mortar of cement, sand and water, slightly wetted the stump billet with water and began to apply cement to it. I smoothed out all the irregularities with a wet brush. Inside the stump, I also applied cement to the sides of the bottle and to the bottom. When I liked the shape of the stump, I left it to dry until completely dry. That's what happened.
 Gardening figure made of cement
Then I again sanded to smoothness.The remaining dust swept away with a soft brush. Put a primer for painting. When the primer is dry, I painted everything with oil paint. The stump turned brown, the caps of the mushrooms were painted on top of dark brown and the bottom was light brown, and the grass was green.
 Garden figure from cement
It gave time to dry paint and then took up the additional decor of the forest clearing. I took a plastic bottle of green and cut off a strip from it and with the help of scissors I made it into grass shape. I deliberately cut off a non-even strip, as the grass should be of different heights.
 Gardening figure from cement
>img src="https://sdelaysam-svoimirukami.ru/images/15/2014-sadovaya-figura-iz-cementa.jpg" alt="Garden figure from cement" title="Garden figure from cement">
To give the grass a natural look slightly below the melted strip above the lit candle.
 Gardening figure from cement
Then she pasted weed to each mushroom.
 Garden figure from cement
I also glued decorative flowers on a glade and planted on mushrooms butterfly and goda cow, which, by the way, I made of a black button and covered it with nail polish. On the edge of the clearing pasted weed. My forest glade is ready.
 Garden figure made of cement
When I bring my forest clearing to the garden, I will put a pot inside the stump and plant flowers in it. It will look very beautiful. I hope you liked my work for the garden. See you, see you soon.

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