Gazebo with barbecue: interesting photos and 5 simple projects

A gazebo with a grill turns the usual cooking process in your kitchen into the culinary magic of cooking food over an open fire. Not many dishes in our menu are as sincerely loved as kebabs cooked on the grill.

Let's see how to get more pleasure for everyone from participating in this unforgettable process.

Your arbor with barbecue

  • Brazier of brick with your own hands drawing
  • Your gazebo with barbecue: important details
  • Simple drafts of arbors with barbecue
  • Arbors with a brazier. Design examples

Brazier of brick with your own hands drawing

As it is not obvious, but if you do not have a brazier yet, make it. For a brazier made of bricks, you do not need special materials and super skills - a simple drawing of a brazier, a dozen bricks, an iron bar and an iron sheet - and you will have an excellent result.

Raise the brickwork to a height of 70-75 cm and lay on the solution pieces of an iron rod, on which we then put an iron sheet.Raising the masonry above, we lay in the side walls at 2 different heights ledges for the grill grate.

Your gazebo with barbecue: important details

Today, a gazebo with barbecue is more than just a place for kebabs. Many of us want to have in it almost the same amenities we are used to in the house. In addition to barbecue gazebos may include smokehouses, skewers, braziers, stoves. From all the variety of existing options, we will choose our - practical, thinking that we will most often use and how much it is adapted for our needs. Often a small arbor, which has only the most necessary, is much more cozy and functional than the pathos, stuffed with various devices.

Add a cooking zone next to the grill

If you have a small gazebo with a barbecue, add a table and a sink to it - this will turn your summerhouse into a real summer kitchen. For the table, do not forget to provide a well-cleaned tabletop and a small shelf for frequently used kitchen utensils. If you can, put a refrigerator in the gazebo - it will be convenient to store meat and drinks in it.

Practical use of gazebo space

A dining table with benches is a traditional solution for a gazebo dining area with barbecue. But, if you need to save space, make these benches slide under the table, so you will have more space for cooking.


From the point of view of using materials, the whole gazebo should be durable, serve well on the street and easy to clean. This means rotted wood, stone and metal.

Do not forget the cook

There is nothing worse to cook for the whole company and hear only bursts of laughter behind your back. Cooking and recreation areas should flow one into the other, isolating the guests from the hot zone on the one hand, and on the other hand giving the chef the opportunity to become the center of the party. This is best handled by a high bar counter elevated from the other side of the cooking zone. After all, watching the chef who cooks meat for you on the grill is a great start to any feast.

Keep warm in the gazebo

In cool weather to save heat and protection from the wind, in the gazebo, you can use special PVC curtains. If the purchase of such curtains seems to you too much luxury, you can make them yourself.You will need to buy PVC foil, cut it to the size of the gazebo openings, turn over the durable fabric and put eyelets on the edges. With the help of the cord, threaded into the grommets, it is possible to fix the curtain in the gazebo.

Using additional sources of heat in the gazebo - for example, infrared lamps, is always a good idea. They can be placed near the zones of maximum functionality - dining or cooking zone.

If your grill next to the gazebo do shed

If your grill is without hood, it should not be placed in the gazebo, but it can be placed next to it. Make a canopy for the cook over such a grill so that a sudden shower does not interfere with its operation.

Add an open hearth

Equipped with an open fireplace near the edge of the gazebo or on the edge of the arbor, you will be able to cook the kulesh in it and get an additional surface for cooking. So, on the main grill you cook meat, and on the hearth - put the grill and cook vegetables. And everything is prepared by you at the same time.

Add a seating area next to the gazebo

It can be like just a paved playground next to the gazebo, and an additional canopy that enters the structure of the gazebo or just an umbrella over the table in the street.

In cool climates, a separate gazebo can even be a seating area.

Convenient drifter

Make sure that there is a convenient place for storing firewood next to the gazebo. This will save you from hiking a couple of logs in the dark to the other end of the garden.

Make the entrance to the cellar from the gazebo

The convenient entrance to the camp cellar from the gazebo on the one hand, will save you from having to install a refrigerator in the gazebo; on the other hand, it will make the entrance to the cellar more harmonious than a lonely standing mound in a corner of the garden.

Create a special mood lighting.

The combination of the general area lighting with the bright luminosity of the gazebo will create the right balance between functionality and harmonious atmosphere. And the cooking zone in the gazebo should be brightly lit, and for the dining area and the rest zone it is better to make an adjustable lighting - should you somehow create a special mood!

Gazebo with barbecue. Fire fighting measures.

All electrical appliances in the gazebo must be grounded. Electrical wiring should be carried out by a cable for outdoor work. Wooden structures must be treated with fireproofing.

Place the gazebo in a cozy corner of the garden.

While the placement of the summer kitchen next to the house has a number of advantages, there are advantages to having a gazebo with barbecue in the far corner of the summer cottage. Here, along with food cooked over an open fire, you give yourself a feeling of escape from everyday fuss: enjoy the luxurious view and the silence of the garden.

Decorate the gazebo with barbecue

A gazebo with a barbecue in your garden is the perfect place to use your taste in the choice of furnishings and decorative elements. And the decor is here, not only the decorations on the wall, it's curtains, and kitchen accessories and flowers on the table. Let the gazebo become your cozy refuge among everyday worries.

Use the elements of landscape design to highlight the area with a gazebo in the garden. The architecture of the gazebo itself is an important element of the entire landscape design of the site. Make interesting additions next to the pergola to emphasize the special significance of this area in the garden. For example, break a kitchen garden with spicy herbs or a large flower garden next to the gazebo.

Simple drafts of arbors with barbecue

Not all of us are available luxury gazebos from the frame of Siberian cedar or silver pine.We offer you to get acquainted with simple and functional projects of gazebos with barbecue. Made of ordinary materials, clear and simple design - these projects are available to any summer owner.

Project 1. Gazebo with barbecue and bathroom

Project 2. Gazebo with barbecue, pantry and washbasin

Project 3. Gazebo with barbecue, entrance to the cellar and bathhouse

Project 4. Hexagonal gazebo with barbecue

Project 5. Gazebo with barbecue, sauna and storage room

Arbor with barbecue is increasingly popular among summer residents. If the weather allows, then gathering guests at the table in the gazebo in the garden is less troublesome and tedious, than organizing a traditional feast in the house. You and your guests can really relax in your gazebo, because the very process of cooking on the grill, and watching it is a special kind of pleasure.

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