Get rid of acne on the body

Acne on the body gives us no less problems than acne on the face. Where do they come from and how to fight them? We will understand!
Acne on the body: how to get rid
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The causes of acne on the body

  • Synthetic underwear and clothing.
  • Infrequent washing things.
  • An excess of sweet and fatty foods.
  • Lack of daily hygienic shower.
  • Violation of hormonal background.
  • Different types of allergies: food, drug, allergic to cosmetics or the material from which clothes are sewn.

Therefore, it would certainly be good to understand what caused the appearance of small or purulent acne on the body. A dermatologist can help. But, nevertheless, whatever the cause of the rash, folk remedies to combat it will never be superfluous. After all, a visit to the doctor can be postponed for one reason or another for an indefinite time, and the problem will remain. Feeling unpleasant, and the view. Acne on the body looks especially awful in the photo.

How to get rid of acne on the body?

  • Salicylic acid.All that is needed is to wipe daily with a cotton pad moistened with salicylic acid, problem areas on the body before going to bed.
  • Sea salt.Type warm water in the bath and add about half a packet of salt there. After the procedure, do not rinse the body.
  • Herbs.Here to help the series and horsetail, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. Take a warm bath with a decoction of these herbs.
  • Tar soap.It is sold both in pharmacies and in hardware stores. Rub the inflamed part of the skin with soap, count it for about twenty minutes and wash it off.
  • Essential oils.Chamomile oil or tea tree oil will do. You can take a warm bath with them, or you can simply wipe problem areas on the body with them.
  • Oak bark.For a start, it is worth chopping, then make a decoction of it, and then add it to a warm bath.
  • Baking soda.Make a mask. In a glass of iodized salt, add enough water to form a viscous mixture. Then put a mask on the wet inflamed places and wash off after half an hour.

So, as folk remedies to get rid of acne on the body, we figured it out. So proceed to forget about this problem forever.

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