Getting ready for the fall: hooded honeycomb pattern

A comfortable hoody with a hood will save you from wind and cold. The pattern of "honeycomb" allows you to tie such a thing light and tracery.

Pattern "Honeycomb" is performed on an even number of loops, one-sided viscous, by removing the loops with nakida. The pattern allows you to create large enough things.

The first row is knitted according to the scheme: one is facial, one loop is removed together with the crochet. In the second row we knit the front one, then the nakid is thrown from the left hinge to the right (you do not need to knit it). Then two facial loops, and so on until the end of the row.

In the third row, the purse is removed together with the crochet, then the loop, with the crochet on it, is fastened on the front (behind the upper slice). Next row: two facial, nakid with the left needles on the right (do not knit) - so to the end of the row.

Fifth row: The loop is knitted for the upper lobule together with the hanging nakida of the front one, and the purl is removed together with the nakida. In the sixth row - front, nakida from left to right, two front (and so the whole series is repeated).

Snud consists of a straight web sewn to an elastic band in a certain way. Knit by the following scheme:

The pattern is perfect for knitting classic without a rubber band.

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