Gift Wrap

To give and receive gifts is very nice. However, sometimes it happens that there is a gift, but everyone has forgotten about packing or did not have time to prepare it. The way out of this situation is very simple - to make a gift package with your own hands! Now I will teach you to make a simple but very nice box, the creation of which you will need no more than half an hour. What you should have: • Sheet of thick paper. Depending on the gift you are going to put inside, choose a sheet of A4, A3 and so on. • Ruler. • Pencil. • • Scissors. • • Ribbon or a beautiful brooch to fasten the box.
 What you should have
First of all, we need to make a template. It is very simple and allows you to make boxes faster in the future. We measure off a strip of 10 cm or more, if you need a larger box. Find the middle of the strip - 5 cm and go up 5 cm up, put a point there. We also find the bottom point and draw a rhombus. Now we find the middle of the side of the rhombus and from it on the cells rise to 7 cm.Put dots on all sides. Next, using a round line or a plate, I made it with a plate, draw semicircular petals. The model is ready.
make a piece
Place it on a sheet, cut and cut the blank under the box.

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