Giles Newman's incredible wooden spoons

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Giles Newman is a British artist who loves nature very much and is fond of ancient Celtic culture. He joined his hobbies in one lesson - making handmade souvenir spoons, which he carves from wood every day, honing his skills.

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Each spoon is made from oak species that grows on the territory of the artist’s inherited forest area. For its durability, each product is impregnated with tung oil (safe food, deeply penetrating nut oil).

Giles spoons are adorned with plants and animals, mythical creatures and ancient Celtic symbols. His products are both functional cutlery and collectible works of art.

The author publishes photos of his work in social networks, where new products are sold at lightning speed for a couple of hours, ranging from $ 100 to $ 700. Also, these fantastic spoons can be purchased at international online trading platforms.

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