Giraffe in Love

Valentine in the form of a paper heart with confessions of love is trivial and unromantic. Much more interesting are the pictures of love themes. Seals, birds, butterflies and even giraffes can be depicted on them. Do not be surprised, giraffe lovers look very nice. Try using this master class to make bright felt giraffes, located under a tree of hearts. Interesting? Then rather collect the following materials and tools:
  • - pieces of pink and yellow felt;
  • - a little padding polyester or cotton;
  • - needle and bright threads;
  • - giraffe image;
  • - colored cardboard packaging;
  • - ruler;
  • - scissors;
  • - 2 buttons;
  • - marker;
  • - small magnet;
  • - double-sided tape;
  • - heat gun.
First, select the appropriate picture. You can find the “Coloring for Children” section on the Internet and find a beautiful image of a giraffe no more than 10 cm high.
From pink and yellow stencil, cut out 2 identical parts.
 Giraffe in Love
Sew two halves with bright seams with stitches For example, for a yellow giraffe you can choose a green thread.Do not forget to leave a small hole through which the animal's figure can be filled with a synthepon or cotton wool.  Fat Lovers Fiki
Too much sintepon do not need to be shoved, there will be enough small quantity to create the volume. Giraffe in Love For stitching pink parts, use blue or red thread.
Lovers giraffes
This is how giraffes filled with sintepon and fully sheathed.
 Love giraffes
It remains only to" revive "our animals. Sew horns, ears and a tail of felt of a contrasting shade. The spout can be made from a small button, and the eyes can be drawn with a marker.Such funny giraffes are obtained.
Giraffe in Love
Now you need to make a basis for a picture with a frame. Cut out a green square with a side of 21 cm, as well as 4 blue stripes measuring 3 cm by 25 cm.
Giraffe in Love
Glue each strip along the edge of a square with double sided tape to make a frame for the base.
>img src="" alt="Giraffe in Love" title="Giraffe in Love">
From Red Colored Cardboard cut a small strip and a lot of miniature hearts of different sizes.
 Giraffe in Love
Glue all these details in the center of the picture. It turns out a tree with hearts.
Giraffe in Love
Decorate the blue frame with yellow stripes and hearts.
 Giraffe in Love
Glue under the giraffe tree so that they look at each other friend.
Picture« Giraffe in love iki ”is ready. It looks unusual and sure will appeal to whom you present it on the day of St. Valentina.
If you don’t want to mess with the cardboard and cut out all the details for the picture, then at the initial stage of work your giraffe can turn into a magnet on the fridge. Sew blue a voluminous heart is based on the same principle as a giraffe. Glue a small round magnet onto it using hot melt.
 Giraffe in Love
Attach giraffes to your heart and decorate it with pieces of bright felt.
 Giraffe in Love
Attach a magnet to the fridge.
 Giraffe in Love
It looks no worse than those that are usually sold in souvenir stores.
 Giraffe lovers
These are the two original ideas for the production and presentation of giraffe lovers.

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