Girl Tarasova decided to outdo Buzova on television

Anastasia Kostenko, the beloved of football player Dmitry Tarasov, announced her desire to study at the school of television. However, her followers did not appreciate such impulses and advised her to go into the household.

No, well, these followers do not please - they will always find where to find fault! The 23-year-old model is accused of having left her beloved on the eve of the Confederations Cup responsible for our national team, without the support of the girl, but the girl just went to her home country for a week to visit her two grandfathers and two grandmothers. But the new burst of activity of the haters has gone over, it seems, all reasonable boundaries. This time, Anastasia Kostenko was attacked because she was going to ... learn!

“I know that many of my friends want to work in television and radio - so this news will be useful! September 18 at the Russian University of Peoples' Friendship start classes in the school of radio and television "Live"! - shared the girl on her page on Instagram.- Everything you need to know about the profession, the ability to keep in the frame, the disclosure of their own potential and, finally, the opportunity to fulfill their dream - all this you will find in the school. P. S. By the way, I'm coming too. Not again, but again. ”

Photo: @ kostenko.94

And what do you think subscribers ran recorded? No, they just laughed at such a desire at the beginning of the school year, and this time their criticism came out quite unfounded.

“How many go, leading you bad. Read books and put the speech up ”,“ You should work in a circus ”,“ Everyone wants to work on TV, to shine his face in the frame, but not many can do it well. We need a competent speech without an accent, thinking is alive and logic "," But what about the household? There, your place was marked by your grief as a footballer! ”,“ You are our home, why are you rushing to television, ”they immediately added to her in the comments.

And what does the household have to do with it? If the beauty had said that she would abandon all the other things, then, on the contrary, she always emphasizes that the family is in the first place for her.

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