"Gistan": application and reviews

"Gistan": composition

The drug is available in the form of cream and capsules. The cream also contains the natural antihistamine substance betulin, which is obtained from the thin birch bark, and lily of the valley essential oil. Lily of the valley essential oil easily penetrates the skin, stimulates metabolic processes and blood circulation processes. Cream "Gistan" also contains:
- extract of birch buds,
- peptide extract of lupine,
- herb extract milkweed,
- extract of Veronica spiky,
- extract of violet tricolor,
- extract of a series of three-part,
- extract of calendula flowers,
- extract of dropsy grass.
Capsules "Gistan" are biologically active additives (BAA). This drug is a source of glycized acid, flavonoids and arbutin, which normalize the functional state of organs and body systems in case of predisposition to allergies, and are also used to reduce the risk of developing diseases. The composition of the capsules "Gistan" includes a leaf of lingonberry, the herb of the centaury umbrella, the root of licorice, the fruits of viburnum, the grass turns threefold.Cream "Gistan" is available in tubes of 30 ml, capsules "Gistan" - 200 mg per pack (36 pieces).

"Gistan": testimony

Cream "Gistan" prescribed for atopic dermatitis, eczema, skin itching, hives, insect bites, to eliminate skin manifestations of drug-type allergies, photodermatosis, to prevent the development of infectious complications. The tool is made on the basis of a hypoallergenic base. Its main component is dimethicone - silicone polyglucoside. It creates a film on the affected areas of the skin, which freely passes oxygen, but does not allow allergens and moisture.

Instructions for use and reviews

Cream "Gistan" is applied to the affected skin, and then rubbed with light massaging movements. This procedure should be performed two to four times a day. The tool is used to eliminate the symptoms. Gistan capsules are prescribed for adults, they are taken orally during the meal, one capsule twice a day. According to numerous reviews of the use of "Gistan", the maximum effect is manifested after using the drug for one to two months."Gistan" should be stored in a dry and dark place at a temperature not higher than 20 degrees. Shelf life is two years.

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