Githhorn - a town without roads and highways. Indescribable beauty

The sight of black, cracked asphalt with holes in the most unexpected places, as well as exhaust gases, the noise of engines and incessant signal beeps, finally parked cars right on the passer-by part of the parked cars - all this causes stress, spoils the air and in general does not please the eye. But there is a town on our Earth, in which there are absolutely no streets on which cars could drive.

Just 120 km north of Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, Giethoorn is located in the Weerribben-Wieden National Park, and its residents and guests move around the city in boats through numerous city canals.

giethoorn netherlands holland

The air in Giethoorn is entrancing. Houses, trees and flowers are peacefully reflected in the calm surface of the canals.

giethoorn netherlands holland

Bridges for pedestrians are picturesquely laid over the canals. To the school, to work and shopping, residents go on foot, bicycles and boats.

As you guessed, the population of Giethoorn is small. There are only about 3,000 inhabitants.

The town was founded in 1230 by Franciscan monks. Upon arrival, they found many goat horns left behind after the flood. The monks gave the town a name that in Dutch means “Goat horn”.

For hundreds of years, all traffic has been transported by water. Where the canals are now, peat was mined before. And Giethoorn gained fame in 1958, when scenes from the famous comedy “Fanfare” were filmed in it.

Tourists and residents call the unusual town "Dutch Venice".

Leaving their cars away from Giethoorn, tourists enjoy the peace and long boat ride through the city streets.

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