Goji berries - giving health

Goji berries of coral color, have a pleasant sweetish and spicy taste. With proper drying, they are elastic, inside the pulp are small seeds. Wand bushes 3-3.5 meters tall, covered with spines. The plant gives a lot of root shoots, grows in well-lit areas. From the juice of fresh berries on the skin remains black marks. Therefore, it is necessary to collect them, shaking the berries with a stick from the branches on the fabric.

Numerous studies of scientists have found that the fruits of this shrub are very useful, they contain antioxidants, reduce the risk of heart attacks, are a prophylactic against Alzheimer's disease, strengthen the immune system. Berries help with diabetes, but they also:

- increase the potency in men and sexual attraction in women;

- relieve depression and insomnia;

- regulate blood sugar levels;

- restore strength, raise mood;

- prevent premature aging;

- contribute to the improvement of metabolism.

Only eat goji berries should be no more than 30 g per day.

Recipe useful infusion of goji berries. Fruits (1 tablespoon) are steamed with boiling water (1 cup), covered with a lid and infused for half an hour. Filter the tincture and drink in small portions 2-3 times a day. Berries remaining after straining can be eaten.

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