Good conquers: the mystery on the wit and cunning from Ivan Tsarevich

In fairy tales, you can believe or not believe, but you just can’t love them. Where else, always and in any weather, justice necessarily triumphs, villains get what they deserve, decent people are rewarded, and everyone lives happily ever after? Well, unless in fascinating logical problems on cunning and wit on motives of fairy tales!


The beauty of such riddles is that in order to solve them one does not need to be a professor of seven spans in the forehead or to have at least a higher education. It is completely unimportant whether you know the Periodic Table or the depth of the Mariana Trench, and all you really need is to be able to think outside the box and find unconventional solutions. And these qualities can be enjoyed by a child or an adult, so you can spend time practicing wit with family, friends, and colleagues. Well, dare to test your intelligence for the sharpness?


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In the enchanted dark-drowned forest, where he lives in his eerie castle Koschei, ten springs of dead water are beaten. They are all numbered from 1 to 10, but the first nine are not hidden from anyone, any person can come and take water in them, but the tenth one hits in the castle at Koshchei for seven locks and under good security.

By taste, smell and color, the water in them is no different. Having drunk water from any source, any person will die, even Koschey, but you can be saved if you drink after the water from the source with the number more than the first water (then the dead water becomes an antidote). But any drunk poison from source number 10 will die, unless it was used as an antidote.

Ivan-Tsarevich suggested that Koshchey clash in a duel, but since they have such a serious weapon as dead water, they put off their swords. According to the rules of the duel, each of the opponents brings the opponent a glass of water of their choice, and both drink it. Those who survive will win. Koschey judged that he was in a much more advantageous situation than Ivan Tsarevich, and agreed. He thought: Ivan will bring water from any source, Koschey will drink it and drink it with his own, from No. 10. And he will immediately give water to Ivan at No. 10, and then nothing will save him.

They brought, drank water according to their ideas. Koschey died, but Ivan was still alive. How is this possible?


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Answer:Ivan drank water from one of the available sources before the duel, and when Koschei gave him water from No. 10, she became an antidote and saved him. Ivan Tsarevich brought ordinary water to Koschey, which was not dead, and when he drank it and washed it down with its dead source number 10, nothing could save him.

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