Good English tutor in Odintsovo: where to find it?

Ivan Orlov
Ivan Orlov
January 30, 2016
Good English tutor in Odintsovo: where to find it?

If you have set yourself the task of mastering the language in a fairly short time, then independent study will not give the desired result. Formerly schools that sent assignments and educational material by mail were quite popular. But this approach is justified only for those who have, firstly, certain tendencies towards languages, and secondly - a very strong motivation. Participants in such programs had no goal to begin to communicate and correctly write letters in a few months. They had free time and a great desire.

In modern realities, residents of Moscow and the nearest Moscow region are so busy with work and daily activities that, according to unofficial data, only every twelfth person completes self-study. In order to accurately complete what has been started, it is better to use a proven educational methodology: you need an English tutor in Odintsovo or another area where you work or live.And even more effective are the courses where students work in small groups (3-8 people). Why? Let's try to figure it out.

Pros and cons

If the English tutor (Odintsovo, Moscow and all of Russia - the principle is the same) deals exclusively with you or your child, then the result will be, and soon enough. Of course, provided that you turned to a good specialist. But there are two problems that you will encounter:

  1. You can quickly lose interest due to the monotony of some classes. At the same time, the more times a week you are waiting for an English tutor in Odintsovo, the sooner you feel bored and tired.
  2. In the process, you will only work on your mistakes.

If training takes place in a group of several people (you can additionally read about it on the website ”), then first of all you will be interested. In the classroom, students communicate, participate in intellectual and comic games, lead discussions, share experiences about work, travel, cars, family life. In addition, everyone makes mistakes, and the whole team parses and corrects them. This way you will learn much more effectively.A nice bonus is that you will have new friends and joint hobbies.


In search of a tutor in English in Odintsovo, come to the courses There are many young, interesting and pleasant teachers, specialized programs for each of the visitors, a lot of modern and productive teaching materials and a pleasant atmosphere of trust and comfortable communication in any language! The best tutors will be at your disposal at a convenient time for you. We are waiting for you to visit our school and on the site “”.

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