Night light "Goodnight"

Night light of "Good night"- a master class, how to make your own hands an unusual "night light", which will look great both on and off.

Materials and tools:

  1. canvas or muslin fabric
  2. a frame of 40x50 cm (or thin plates to make a frame);
  3. bars, about 5x5 cm, to make the inner frame (the inner frame should be less by 2-3 cm, external)
  4. acrylic paint;
  5. big and small brush;
  6. pencil;
  7. A plafond, wire, switch, plug or lamp set (you can also use an LED strip)
  8. printer;
  9. saw;
  10. glue gun, liquid nails.

Step 1

In a text or graphics editor, type the text you want, edit (font, italic, etc.) and print it in a natural size that will be on the "picture-lamp".

Step 2

The printed text will be put under the canvas and in a pencil or a thin marker we will transfer the text to the canvas (for convenience, sheets with text and canvas are better placed on the glass andhighlight below); or "by hand" to write the text on the canvas. Another way: we make a stencil of self-adhesive paper or film and glue on the canvas in the right place.

Now we take the outer frame and stretch the canvas on it, fix the canvas on the frame with the help of a construction stapler and a hot melt glue gun.

Let's start painting: first primed the canvas (except letters), after the soil dries, proceed to painting, when painting near the letters, we use a small brush and try to carefully trace them around the contour. When painting, do not paint the canvas with black paint, paint with dark color in several layers.

Step 3

Leave the canvas to dry and start making an inner frame.

The inner frame is made of 5x5 cm bars, 2-3 cm in width and length less than the outer frame. It should also be noted that the inner frame should be in the shape of the letter “A” and not a rectangle.

After the paint has dried on the canvas and made the inner frame, we will connect them by gluing the outer frame to the inner hot-melt gun (preferably liquid nails).

Take the lamp, if everything was separate, then we will put together the cover, wire, switch and socket.Fix the luminaire to the inner frame with brackets.

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