Good sleep is the key to a beautiful figure.

Without a full sleep it is impossible to keep a good shape. In a dream, the brain rests, the body relaxes, gaining strength. Lack of sleep leads the body to rapid fatigue and stress. The scourge of our time is obesity. The rhythm of life is getting faster, but more and more people suffer from this disease. The reason for all this is stress, and not necessarily resulting from mental exertion. Physical fatigue, lack of rest, leads to a slow but steady set of weight.
As a result of many years of observation, scientists have concluded that people who are not overweight and sticking to proper nutrition, due to constant lack of sleep, add an average of 700 grams per year. And people who want to lose weight, who sleep 8 hours or more, lose weight faster than people who do not sleep. It's all about hormones. Only in a dream hormones are produced, on which the process of losing weight directly depends.Namely: growth hormone, which promotes tissue regeneration and fat burning, leptin is a saturation hormone, its sufficient amount suppresses appetite. Ghrelin - a hormone is produced when a person is awake and stimulates the feeling of hunger. In case of incomplete sleep, ghrelin exceeds lepin in the body, which leads to excessive consumption of food.
Many experienced nutritionists believe: the key to successful weight loss is a full sleep. To the results of the diet did not have to wait long, you need to sleep at least 8 hours. Be sure to go to bed until midnight, ideally at 22–23 hours, since The body's biological clock works well, and the main hormone production occurs during the first night hours. Lovers overstay after midnight, lose the opportunity to get their daily norm of hormones necessary for good shape. In the dream, the body not only rests, but continues to work and lose calories, and this is the basic principle of weight loss. When a person is sleeping, about 50 kcal are burned per hour. During a full sleep, you can lose up to 400 kcal.
It has long been a proven fact that sleep is the same component of a healthy, fulfilling life as sports and proper nutrition.

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