Gorgeous hair, rich color: how to choose a tool for coloring?

Even a thousand years ago, women tried to hide gray hair. Gray hair was considered a sign of aging, and a woman always wants to look young and beautiful. At these times, henna and herbal infusions were used to paint the gray hair. Modern women cope with this problem is not difficult. On the shelves of a huge selection of hair dyes. It is only necessary to choose the right shade and decide on the choice of company. And for this it is necessary to understand the colors and types of paints.

Hair Dye

Hair dye contains chemical and natural dyes. During dyeing, they penetrate deep into the hair shaft. Release hair colors with and without ammonia. Experts recommend people with a large amount of gray hair to use paint with ammonia. Only they can paint over gray hair, and even then not always.In addition, ammonia-free paints are washed away faster. To achieve the desired color, you need to adhere to the directions on the package. In no case can not hold the paint on the hair longer than specified in the instructions.

After dyeing the hair must be properly looked after. To do this, there are special shampoos and rinses. For styling dyed hair, use tools with UV filters. Protect your hair from sunburn.

Henna, Basma, tinted shampoos

Not only adult women dye their hair. Sometimes in such a way girls try to attract attention to themselves or drastically change the image of a brunette turning into a blonde. If you do not have gray hair and you are not going to change the color radically, but only want to add shine or shade to your hair, you can use henna and basma. These dyes carefully dye hair and do not destroy their structure. But they are not suitable for chemically curled hair. To add color to the intensity, use tinted shampoo, cream or balm. Unfortunately, so make your hair brighter will not work. Only a tone darker.

Folk methods

Fans of traditional medicine can use the methods of our ancestors and dye their hair with the help of juice and walnuts (for brown shades), chamomile infusion, rhubarb and onion peel (for light colors). Such natural dyes will not only set off hair, but also make it soft and strong.

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