Bell in city style

Those who own the techniques of hand painting can paint the HANDLE in Gorodets style according to the proposed “wave” scheme (see the figure).

The bell will look more elegant if you paint the background with stripes in two or three colors and draw flowers and leaves at their joints.


Pick up the desired shape for the bell-lady.

Make lines of the hairstyle and color the color corresponding to the beads. If you have “golden” or yellow beads - the lady will turn out to be a blonde, and from black you can make a burning brunette. Accordingly, the colors for shawls and dresses are selected.

Not only original crafts and stylish interiors create coziness in the house. Very much depends on smells, which can not always be pleasant. We recommend using an air freshener XL, so that your home is always cozy and comfortable.

After the face is drawn, rouge the cheeks with pencil powder. Mark the pencil shape of the shawl so that an angle forms behind it.Draw a pencil line of hands (in the half-bend) and “insert” a samovar into them. And then on the outlined contours paint over the shawl (for example, dark cherry), dress (green) and samovar (golden).

Draw the flowers and the fringe. White paint draw lace on the sleeves, collar and hem of the dress. Make a lady hairstyle.

For a kokoshnik you need about 30 beads. Thread a string of 10 beads. Close this chain into a ring by inserting a needle into the first bead. After one bead, withdraw the needle and dial 7 beads. Enter the next bead and make 5-6 petals (see figure). Attach this design to the pin with a bead of the corresponding color, but slightly larger.

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