Great women we admire so far

These ladies have different professions, characters and destinies, but they are all strong personalities that compete with men in their business skills, success and equality.

Today they motivate by example.

Meryl Streep

Photo: a frame from the movie "Watch"

Career:theater and film actress, film producer, record holder for the prestigious Oscar film awards (three statuettes, 21 nominations), Emmy, Sputnik, BAFTA, Golden Globe (9 awards, 31 nominations), winner of the honorary award Cesar ".

What is success? This is talent multiplied by character. One day, a young actress, Streep, was not cast in the movie "King Kong." “Why did you send me this pig? This woman is so ugly ... ”- producer Dino de Laurentis in the presence of Meryl threw a phrase to her son in her native Italian. And he was shocked when the actress answered him in the same language: "I am very sorry that I disappointed you."

Film critic Dan Jardin said about her: “The strip is the best actress of all time. Forever". Then this phrase was repeated many times more than the most authoritative people of the film industry.Career Meryl develops very successfully, however, as personal life, raising four children, social work, membership in the American Academy of Art and Literature and teaching. Everything, whatever Meryl Streep would take, she manages to do in the best possible way.

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“Pay for a bag of 2 thousand euros? I'd rather wear a cosmetic in my mouth! ”

“My advice is: don’t spend so much time taking care of whether you have perfect skin or have recovered a kilogram. Think about what you have done in this life, what you have in your hands. ”

“Envy is a great incentive for the development of creative potential, which is not enough for something sensible.”

You can not be afraid when you work, otherwise it will not work

“I am far from always happy, just in public and in front of journalists I always look happy. But I am terribly grouchy, ask your husband. "

“I am curious, this is the essence of acting. I just wonder what it is like to be you ... ”

Princess Diana

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Career:her social status - Princess of Wales, from 1981 to 1996, the first wife of Prince of Wales Charles.According to a poll by the Bi-bi-si company, Diana ranked third in the list of the 100 greatest Britons in history.

The queen of human hearts - so called Lady Dee. She was incredibly popular, the photographers did not give her a pass, they waited for her appearance, they loved and believed her. And even the divorce and all the impartial details of the private life of Diana and Charles did not affect the authority of the princess. On the contrary, she was respected, pitied and supported. And she loved her subjects, helped, led an active charity. Almost 20 years have passed since the death of Lady Dee.


“I do not need expensive gifts. I do not want to be bought. I have everything I need. I just want someone for me to feel safe. ”

"The philosophical turn of mind is the art of enduring the miseries of others."

"If men had to give birth, none of them would have more than one child."

“It is said that it is better to be poor and happy than rich and unhappy, but what about a compromise - moderately rich and just capricious?”

I do not live by the rules. I am guided by my heart, not my head

“William and Harry are the only men who didn't let me down.There were no others like that in my life. ”

“Do good and do not expect rewards. But you can be sure that one day someone will do the same for you. ”

“My bouts of bulimia just because of inattention, because they dislike me. It was in childhood, when parents divorced, and it continued after marriage. ”

Margaret Thatcher

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Career:71st Prime Minister of Great Britain, the first woman to take this post.

She was also called the Iron Lady, and Time magazine included Margaret Thatcher in a hundred prominent people of the twentieth century. One of the most influential politicians in the world. She ruled the country for 11 years - three terms of premiership, this is the longest time. Margaret Thatcher came to power in not the best period for the UK - the country was in a protracted social and economic crisis. Thatcher had many ill-wishers, but nevertheless the reforms she carried out brought Britain to the leading position in the world in economics and international politics.


"If you want something to be said, ask the man, and if something is done, ask the woman."

"Any woman who understands the problems that arise when running a house can understand the problems that arise when running a country."

"I am extremely patient with the condition that eventually it will come out in my opinion."

The house should be the center, but not the boundary of the world of women

"You need to study your enemy well, then one day you can turn him into a friend."

“If you don’t want to go on this train, it doesn’t matter whether it goes fast or slow.”

"It is not necessary to agree with the interlocutor in order to find a common language with him."

"I often sleep only an hour and a half, preferring to sacrifice sleep time in order to have a decent hairstyle."

Audrey Hepburn

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Career:actress of cinema and theater, in the list of the greatest actors of American cinema takes the 3rd line. Among her works are Roman Holiday, Sabrina, War and Peace, Breakfast at Tiffany. In 1954, she was awarded the Oscar as the best actress for the film Roman Holiday. Many times nominated in film awards "Oscar", "Golden Globe", etc.

In fact, before resting on the laurels of one of the highest paid Hollywood actresses, Audrey experienced many wartime horrors. Her childhood was spent on World War II. As a girl, she experienced terrible hunger, fear and the collapse of hopes.From severe malnutrition, the actress received health problems for a lifetime, she was so weak at the time that she could no longer do ballet professionally. Therefore, choose an occupation of acting. And, as you know, did the right thing.


"Sometimes it is the so-called cool guys that turn out to be the most gentle-hearted."

"Love can not be begged, it is either there or not."

“The best remedy for any depression is work!”

Living is like running through a museum.

"The dress should be tight enough to show that you are a woman, but free enough to make you look like a lady."

"I love people who make me laugh."

"When you get older, you will understand that you have two hands: one to help yourself, the other to help others."

Valentina Tereshkova

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Career:the world's first woman cosmonaut, the only woman in the world who performed a space flight alone, retired major general, Ph.D., professor, author of over 50 scientific papers, deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

This amazing woman has an extraordinary fate. She was born in a simple peasant family in the Yaroslavl region, attended school, worked at a factory and received an education.A student, a member of the Komsomol, an athlete and just beautiful - it's all about her. Valentina Vladimirovna was engaged in parachuting, and this factor was decisive in the selection of candidates for the female cosmonaut detachment. The first flight of three days, Valentina Tereshkova made in 1963, she was 26 years old.


“If women can be railway workers in Russia, why can't they fly into space?”

"Before you climb to the stars, a person must learn to live on Earth."

“Respect and kindness of people are feelings that I have been experiencing for more than 50 years after the flight.”

"We must not look at life from the outside, but go along with it."

Judy garland

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Career: the greatest actress and singer of our time, starred in 42 films, was awarded the most prestigious film and music awards, including the Oscar and the Grammy.

Judy Garland - the mother of no less bright and great stars - Liza Minelli and Lorna Laft. But despite this, Judy can hardly be called a happy woman in family life. So much misfortune and tragedy fell on her, as if fate itself, awarding her with talent, beauty, charisma, led her only along one path - to serving the arts.

From the age of two she performed on stage (parents had their own theater, and three daughters gave performances, dancing and performing light vaudeville parties). At 13, she has already signed a contract with the largest Hollywood film company. By the age of 30, Judy Garland starred in 30 films, toured extensively with concert programs and was adored by the public. At the same time, another story developed - her personal one, with many marriages and divorces, drug addiction (they put her on drugs during the shootings to increase the efficiency of the actors), depression and treatment in clinics. This led her to an early death at 47 years old.

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"Always be the first-class version of yourself, not the second-best version of someone."

“I can live without money, but I cannot live without love ...”

There is another cloud behind each cloud.

“My life, my career is reminiscent of the roller coaster ride. Or a huge success, or a crushing failure. "

"I try to convey to the audience their own drama - the familiar tears and laughter."

"At the top of success - loneliness and cold ... Loneliness and cold."

Coco Chanel

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Career: fashion designer, founder of the eponymous fashion house.

A revolutionary in the fashion world, reversing the idea of ​​how a woman should dress. She saved the ladies from uncomfortable corsets and long dresses, introduced “luxurious simplicity” into the style - made even everyday things comfortable and elegant. I was surprised by the modern society with the courage of ideas and the originality of the cut. Possessed not only refined taste, but also penetrating mind and sharp tongue. Her words immediately spread to aphorisms.

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"You will not have a second chance to make a first impression."

"Everything is in our hands, so they can not be omitted".

"I do not care what you think of me. I do not think about you at all".

"Women, as a rule, are much more careful in choosing a nightdress for themselves than a husband."

Fashion passes, style remains

"When you are dressed well, others notice you, when you are bad - your clothes."

"The worse things are for a girl, the better she should look."

“When choosing accessories, remove what was put on last.”

"There are people who have money and there are rich people."

"I drink champagne only on two occasions: when in love and when not in love."

"It makes sense to wear real jewelry only when there are people nearby who can distinguish them from fake ones."

Charlotte Bronte

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Career:Poetess, novelist, author of the novels “Jane Eyre”, “Wuthering Heights”, “Town”, “Shirley”, “Teacher” and “Emma”, the founder of the feminist movement in literature.

This exalted young lady could not help but become a writer. She was too sensitive, insightful and thinking special for her age and country - conservative England, in which women's creativity, to put it mildly, was not encouraged. Like, women have something to do without poetry. Therefore, the young teacher Charlotte hid her first works under the male pseudonym Carrer Bell. But she ventured to challenge old-fashioned England and chose the creative life of the writer for family retreat. By the way, her novel, which brought her fame, "Jane Eyre" is largely autobiographical. The writer got married at the age of 38, but she soon died from an unknown disease, very similar to the signs of toxicosis during pregnancy.


"Respect yourself so that you do not give all the forces of your soul and heart to someone who does not need them and in whom it would cause only neglect."

“Getting a kept woman is like buying a slave.Both the one and the other - both by nature and in any case by position - as if the beings are inferior, and communicating with them on an equal foot is humiliating. ”

Fear regrets .... Regrets are poisoning life

"Life is too short, and you should not spend it to cherish enmity in the soul or to memorize offenses."

"Friends always forget those who are unhappy."

“Extending ignorance meant extending hope ...”

Indira gandhi

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Career:politician, the only female prime minister of India. According to one of the polls conducted by the British television company BBC, she was recognized as a woman of the millennium.

Indira Gandhi’s political career was difficult - in the struggle for power in India, torn by national contradictions. And in the personal life of a woman pursued misfortune one after another: she lost her father first, then her husband, after a few years her son died. She solved the most difficult issues of international and domestic policy, participation in military conflicts, elimination of unrest in the country, pressure from opponents. During the second reign of Indira Gandhi, she had to repay the outbreak of the separatist uprising in the state of Punjab, after which an attempt was made on her.In 1984, the Prime Minister of India died at the hands of her guards. Indira Gandhi entered the history as an honest and wise politician.


“Experience has taught me that if people do something against you, it will ultimately benefit you.”

“History is the best teacher with the worst students.”

"You can not shake hands with clenched fists."

"What matters is what we achieved, not what we were going to do."

"If I see something dirty or untidy, I just need to wash it."

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