Green Wedding Design Tips

Wedding is undoubtedly the most romantic event for lovers. And any couple tries to make this day not only special, but also bright in design. And this can contribute to the green color.

When organizing a wedding in shades of green, you must choose a beautiful, picturesque place. Trees, greenery will serve as a beautiful background. That is why the most favorable for such a wedding will be spring or summer. If the wedding takes place in the fall or winter, then this will complicate the task a bit, since it will be necessary to work hard to decorate the room. Tablecloths can be soft green, balloons using balloons, potted flowers, streamers, heart-shaped garlands.

A doorway is more advantageous to arrange in the form of an arch. For this you can use greens and flowers. Decorating the room, you should not abuse the bright shades of green.

Everywhere you need to know when to stop, so you don’t need young people to wear all that is green. A groom, for example, can tie a green tie. However, the tint of the color of the tie should be harmoniously combined with the costume. The bride can choose a white dress and ornaments in green. The bridal bouquet in addition to green may contain any other colors.

It is not necessary for everyone invited, given the theme of the event, to dress up in green shades. It is enough for the bridesmaids to pick out the same shades of green as the bridal gown. The groom's friends should also take care of the presence of green in their clothes. For example, it may be a green shirt or something else.

As for the menu, it is not necessary to decorate each dish with green leaves. It will be enough for three or four dishes. The cake can be decorated with elements of green color or use the glaze of this color.

It is possible to decorate cars with ribbons of green shades, but it should be remembered that the edges of the ribbons should be of different colors, since ribbons of the same color look ordinary. When designing a tuple, you can also use balloons and fresh flowers of the corresponding shade.

Invitations to a celebration can be different shades of green, ranging from light green to emerald green, there are no restrictions here. It is desirable to have beautiful, unique patterns. If the main background of the invitation is green, you can add rich white flowers and labels.

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