Growing like yeast: natural feeding, which will appeal to any plants

When it comes to fertilizing plants with chemical fertilizers, gardeners strictly adhere to an important rule: it is better not to feed them. After all, excess nutrients can harm your flowerbeds and beds. Refer to the popular methods of feeding.

Water the plants with nettle extract

Cut leaves carefully by wearing thick gloves. One part of the nettle is poured with ten parts of water and insisted for a couple of days. For watering, this composition should be diluted with clean water another ten times. It is desirable to use all the means at once.

Decoction of potatoes

Next time you boil the potatoes, do not add salt to the water. The decoction in this case can be used for watering flowers.

Sleeping coffee grounds

After use, dry it a little and add to the soil.Your plants will receive a nitrogenous top dressing of a natural origin. It is important to ensure that when stored in the thick of the mold does not appear.

Pre-fixed mineral water

This can be an excellent growth tool, but do not use water, with a high percentage of calcium and magnesium.

Yeast based product

This method saturates the soil with carbon dioxide, which accelerates growth. Mix the yeast with the sugar and dissolve it a little with warm water. After two hours, dilute the composition with water at room temperature and use for watering. For 10 grams of yeast, you will need a spoonful of sugar and at least a liter of water.

Infusion of wood ash

The composition of the ash is prepared for a long time, but it is worth the effort. Ash helps to fight plant diseases and promotes their growth. Per liter of boiling water, take one tablespoon of ash and mix thoroughly the suspension. This tool should be insisted for a week, stirring constantly. Strain the solution and water the plants with it every ten days.

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