Hair Bands

Such a decoration measuring 12 x 12 cm is made in the style of kanzashi from satin ribbons 2.5 cm wide with buds on a cord.
 hair bands from satin ribbons
For making rubber bands you need materials: - satin ribbons 2 wide , 5 cm dark and light pink. - scissors. - glue gun. - needle with thread in the color of ribbons. - satin ribbon 1 cm wide green shade. - hair tie of medium size. three shiny beads. - two wooden balls with a large hole. - a large needle for ribbons with a large eye. - few of thick fabric in the color tone -.. Lighter decoration consists of two roses with a diameter of 5 cm and two buds, hanging on a cord, and they begin a diameter of 3 cm work with the bud.. We take a satin ribbon of dark pink color and cut off 5 strips of 5 cm. But green ribbons take 4 strips of 5 cm. And for a cord we cut off 30 cm. You can use a 0.5 cm wide ribbon for it.
need materials
Take a pink stripe, spread out along the length,face down. Fold back the top edge of a little, push down with a needle. Now you need a big needle, place it on the upper corner with a bend, at a slope of 45 degrees.
 Berm pink stripe
And starting from the very corner, scroll the ribbon on the needle until the top corner of the twist will be in the middle of the strip. We take out a large needle, and a small one in the color of the ribbon, fasten the twist along the bottom edge with small stitches. In the opposite corner, do the same twist.
 scroll the ribbon along the needle
 scrolling the ribbon on the needle
Pulling the thread, we slightly connect the resulting two strands to each other, fasten it.
connect turn out
We expand the resulting petal on the front side and smooth it out a little.
for a rose bud
In this way we sew 4 petals for a rosebud.
The fifth petal is twisted in a different way. We have a strip along the length of the seamy side.And the upper edge is bent over to itself along the entire diagonal of the strip.
And we twist the entire length, and fix the resulting tube.
 fix the tube
Such a billet in the form of a tube is used as the base-middle of the flower. And with a needle and thread, we begin assembling the bud. Apply one petal to the middle and fix it.
 begin assembling the bud
Alternately, we continue to join the petals, placing them in a circle, fix it with a needle and thread.
start building bud

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