Hair Elasticity Hat

Each mother of the girl knows how to weave braids and do tails. While doing her daughter's hair, mother wants her hair to be decorated with beautiful hairpins, elastic bands, bows. You can make a beautiful hair band from viscose yourself. This material is a bit like felt and is great for making soft toys, napkins, jewelry and much more. Its rich color range and soft structure makes it an ideal material for needlework. Materials and tools: viscose; threads, needle; compasses;plastic bottle cap; cardboard; glue with strong fixation; scissors; For decoration: beads (white and golden); narrow ribbon; flowers from fabric.
 Materials and Tools
1. First we make a circle out of cardboard. To do this, draw a circular circle with a radius of 2.5 cm. Cut out a circle. This is the basis - the fields of the future hat.
 fields of the future hat
2.On viscose draw compasses two circles. The first radius is 3 cm, the second is 4.5 cm. If you cannot build a circle using a compass, you can cut two circles of given sizes from paper and then circle the viscose.
 draw with compass two circles
3. Scissors cut two circles. On a larger circle, which serves as the fields of the cap, we put a circle of cardboard. We put a bottle cap on a smaller circle - this is the future crown. You can use a cap of any color and with any inscriptions. They will not shine through viscose. It is better to take the lid with rounded edges, then the fabric will lie more evenly.
 cut circles
 take with rounded edges
4 . Circles of viscose stitch along the edge of the seam "forward thread." We deviate from the edge of about 0.3 - 0.5 cm. After the first round is completed, we do not cut the thread. We insert the cardboard inside and tighten the fabric, fasten it. We do the same with the second viscose circle,inserting the cap inside.
 stitch along edge with seam
 we fasten fabric with thread
5. Next, on a larger cardboard circle, overlay a circle with a lid and connect the two parts. You can glue, and you can flash. It turned out pretty little hat.
cute little hat
6. Getting to decorate the cap. First, around the crown, stretch the narrow pink ribbon, glue the ends. We attach the ribbon so that its ends extend beyond the cap fields.
 Attach the tape like this
 the ends went beyond the fields
7. Now we are manufacturing elements of the decor. On the white fabric flowers we glue the golden beads. This is the middle of the flower. Flowers can be used ready, bought in the store or make yourself.
8. Using glue, we fix the flowers on the cap of the hat.They do not only play the role of decoration, but also cover the place for gluing pink ribbon.
 gluing pink ribbon
9. On the side of the flowers in the fields of the cap we glue the white and golden beads, arranging them in any order. You can alternate colors.
 You can alternate colors
10. Since the cap will not just decorate the hair, but also support the hairstyle, then attach the elastic to the back of the hair. We fix it in the middle of a larger circle. This can be done in two ways: sew with threads, glue with strong fixation glue.
 attach hair tie
11. Scrunchy Hat is ready!
 Hat is ready
 Hair Tie Hat
This white and pink Hat will decorate your hair any little fashionista! If desired, you can make several of these hats, different in color and decor.

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