Coffee-colored hair tie

This gum is suitable for a little girl to her beautiful outfits, and for an adult girl. You can decorate your hair with a flower in such strict colors in a school or office. For creativity we will need: - satin ribbons: two colors 5 cm wide and two colors 4 cm wide; - wood burner; - glass as a working panel; - metal ruler; - tweezers; - hot glue (pistol with rods); - needle with thread ; - beautiful rhinestone in the middle of the flower; - hair tie. When preparing satin ribbons, you need to take into account that colors will go on alternating, light and dark colors, therefore wide ribbons (5cm) should be light m and saturated tone, the tape is already (4cm) similarly - light and dark.
 satin ribbons
Cut the ribbons into squares 5 by 5 cm and 4 by 4 cm. Number of blanks equal to the number of petals, and there are eight of them, which means all the colors of 8 squares. From light ribbon 4 cmcut another 8 blanks for inserts between the petals.
 cut into squares
For a beautiful petal you must follow the rule of contrast.
follow the rule of contrast
Let's start making a petal. To do this, a larger square of light tone is bent diagonally, as shown in the photo.
 bend the square of the light tone
Then, bend it again. It should be an equilateral triangle.
Similar actions are done with a brown billet, which is 5 by 5 cm in size. We put it on top of the first triangle.
 Overlay it from above
Then take a light piece with a smaller size, and form a triangle. We put it to the first two layers. The distance between the indentations of triangles should not be more than a millimeter.
 form a triangle
Similar actions we do with the last square, the most saturated in color.It is this color, accentuating in a flower.  accentuating in a flower
hard fix
We bend our workpiece exactly in the center.
 The workpiece is exactly centered
We cut heavily red-hot burner base of the petal and its bottom. In all manipulations, the folded petal is tightly held by a metal ruler. We make eight such petals.
 hot burner
It should be just such a cut line. If the line is uneven, then the petals in the flower do not fit properly.
line slice
Now let's proceed to the formation of a single-layer petal for inserts. Fold the square 4in4 diagonally and bend the edges to the middle of the base, as in the photo.
 forming a single-layer petal
Fold it in half Cut off the base with the scorcher, it should turn into such a petal.
 We bend it in half
Petals are ready and proceed to the assembly.
 cut the base off with a scorcher
Sew eight multi-layer petals together one flower.
 proceed to the assembly
To the base of the flower we glue a circle of satin ribbon 2 cm in diameter. Now we paste a monochromatic petal between the multi-tiered petals. Use hot glue, it will securely fix all parts of the product.
 proceed to the assembly
By selecting a center, you can try on many options. It is difficult to guess in advance which middle is perfect.
 proceed to the assembly
With the help of glue we fix the center in the center of the flower. Use tweezers, then the movements will be more accurate and the flower will not get stained with glue. Turn the work over and glue the hair tie to the base.
 proceed to the assembly
It is better to fix the gum with a piece of tape, sticking it across.
Gum for hair in coffee tones
Beautiful gum for hair in a coffee shop th tones is ready. After 10 minutes the glue will dry and you can decorate your hair with it.
 Hair Tie in Coffee Tones
 Hair tie in coffee tones

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