Hair treatment folk methods

You will need
  • - pharmaceutical camomile
  • - nettle
  • - sage
  • - burdock root
  • - mother and stepmother
  • - birch leaves
  • - plantain
  • - honey
  • - lemon
  • - ginger root
  • - linseed oil
  • - tar soap
To accelerate the growth of hair, make them shine and silkiness, it is necessary to make lotions from infusions of herbs 2 times a week. Infusion of 1 tbsp. l chamomile, 2 tbsp. l mother and stepmother, 2 tbsp. l nettle will make hair silky and help get rid of dandruff. Herbs need to pour 0.5 liters of boiling water and insist 30-40 minutes. Pour the infusion over your hair, put on a shower cap and wrap a head with a towel. Rinse hair with running water after 1 hour. Other infusions are made on the same principle. 1 tbsp. l sage, 2 tbsp. l burdock root, 1 tbsp. l of plantain leaves will accelerate hair growth and strengthen them. 2 tbsp. l of birch leaves and 1 tbsp. l coltsfoot will help with hair loss. Even if you have no problems with hair, herbal extracts have a good cosmetic effect.
Hair masks are made 2 times a month. Nourishing mask: 3 tbsp. l honey mix with 2 hoursl lemon juice, mix thoroughly. Spread the mixture evenly on the scalp and rub. Put on a shower cap, wrap your head in a towel and leave for at least 1 hour. Wash off with water. Mask for hair growth: 2 tbsp. l grated ginger root mixed with 2 tbsp. l honey. Apply on head and leave for 20 minutes. The mask of flaxseed oil accelerates hair growth, nourishes and gives shine. 4 tbsp. l oil must be slightly heated to increase the effect, rub into the scalp, the remaining oil is distributed over the entire length of the hair. Leave for 1.5 hours.
Tar soap has a wonderful healing effect.

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