Little Princess Handbag

Every girl needs a purse, and no matter how old she is, 2 years old or 22! Of course, at each age, their needs and now taking into account precisely them, the handbag should be made of appropriate materials and be the appropriate size. For the smallest - it can be very small bags sewn from fabric, knitted of all sorts of threads, which will be adapted for small toys and a handkerchief, with age, these things can be added another mobile phone and, for example, a mirror. How to tie a handbag for a little fashionista, so that it contains the most necessary trifles, but so that it is small and comfortable, we will learn right now. We will need: - pink Iris-like threads used mainly for knitting lace napkins; - threads of lilac color; - scissors; - hook No. 2; - button. Getting to work. 1. We’ll crochet No. 2 chain of fifty loops with pink threads.
 knitting needles
• The order of rows and colors can be changed depending on your desire,colors can also be replaced at all if you want to make a handbag that fits a certain clothes. 2. We knit fifty rows with single crochets, alternating two rows of the same color, i.e. 2 rows of pink threads, then 2 rows of purple threads.
3. We turn on the side of the resulting rectangular canvas and knit forty-eight columns with a single crochet from the side columns of the canvas. 4. We perform 6 rows of columns, as shown in the picture.
 begin to knit
5. Bars without cords connect our product to make a pocket.
 knit a bag
6. Symmetrically do on the opposite side of the product, similar to paragraph 5. 7. To the resulting lateral part of our future handbag we tie twelve loops without a crochet and knit the necessary length of the strap, in our case one hundred and fifty rows.  we knit a bag
• You can link a chain of three hundred loops (the number of loops depends on the height of the child and the desired length of the strap) and knit six rows with one nakida and sew on both sides to the sides of the handbag. 8.From one of the sides of our product, knit fifty loops and knit a corner, a “lid” of our handbag, on decreasing on both sides. At the end of the corner make an air chain of loops, in my case there are ten.
 handbag for a little princess
9. Sew a button on your purse. Here is our beautiful handbag and is ready! If you like, you can decorate your handbag with embroidery or sew flowers knitted from the same thread. You can knit without crochet if you like little girl toys, buttons, beads, etc. or with double crochets, if it is assumed that only large things will be worn in the purse, such as a phone, a scarf, a mirror, etc.
handbag for a girl

According to this principle, you can sew a handbag of any size and color you like. You can also decorate it with beads or stripes. Attach to this activity and the owner of the bag, children's fantasy often comes up with unexpected, but very interesting ideas and options.

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