Chamomile Handmade Soap

Soap makingis a very interesting leisure. It is especially valuable in that they can be engaged with children, creating their own exclusive things. Today I will show you how to make the decorative chamomile soap. Everything you need for work can be bought in a specialized store for soap makers.
 We will need
We will need: • ready soap base (more MO): transparent 45g and white 40g. If there is no white, then it is easy to prepare by itself, adding a transparent base of titanium dioxide (this cosmetic pigment gives white toothpastes and creams). Preliminary it must be thoroughly rubbed, so that there are no lumps; • Mineral green pigment and neon yellow. In two-color soap it is better to use pigments, but not dyes, since they do not "crawl over" one another, what happens to dyes. A neon yellow is brighter than a mineral yellow, so I chose it; • perfume «mown grass» • a mold for soap «Camomile» • a thick-walled glass (orfrom thick polyethylene) cup. It is needed to melt MO in the microwave; • dry chamomile flowers - 1 tsp. (sold in a pharmacy). They need to pour boiling water, let them steam out for now. Chamomile in the soap will work as a natural antiseptic and scrub; • wooden ladybug for the decoration of the finished soap; • knife, drill, wooden stick for mixing the MO melt (from the sushi set). Getting started.
 Begin to create
In a glass, fold the finely chopped white MO and put it in the microwave for a few seconds. The melt is stirred with a wooden stick until the MO is completely dissolved. We drop 2-3 drops of fragrance into the melt. Fill the mold into half the volume. Let us cool down minutes 8-10.
 cooled white part
On the cooled white part of chamomile, use a knife to make notches in the form of a grid. This is done to ensure that the next green layer sticks more tightly with the white one and the soap would not stratify later.
 melt in a microwave
 Leaving to freeze
Finely crumbling transparent MO and also melted in a microwave,stirring well. Add 3-4 drops of green pigment to the melt. Drain the water from chamomile flowers, squeeze them out and add them to the melt too. There we also drip 2 drops of perfume. It is necessary to add everything quickly, as the MO freezes. If this does happen, then it is melted again in the microwave. Photo № 5. Before filling the second half, the white part is sprinkled with any alcohol (I have ant alcohol from the pharmacy). Fill the green part in the form to full volume. Leave to freeze for about 10 minutes.
 remove from the form
After complete cooling, soap can be removed from the form. It turned out such a cute myltse. You can leave it like that, but we will make it even more attractive.
 drill a white center
To do this, drill a large diameter, manually, drill a white center of soap to green (almost to the full depth).
 Preparing the yellow fill
Preparing the yellow fill of the middle, just like the previous ones: transparent MO melting, We paint in yellow color and carefully fill it in the drilled hole.Leave to freeze for 1-2 minutes.
 decorate it with a wooden ladybug
Soap is almost ready. It remains to decorate it with a wooden ladybird (it is glued with a drop of molten transparent base) and press into the yellow center a few grains of edible poppy. Everything is ready.
 handmade soap
It is not a shame to present such soapy for any holiday, having added it with a beautiful napkin or a towel. Good luck. Author of Nalimova TP

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