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Handmade photoI present to you a selection - "Handmade photo gallery". Here are works by famous artists and masters of various techniques: from felting to wool to hand forging from steel.

The culture of any nation is excellent and very vividly manifests itself in folk art. Until now, a lot of crafts and handicrafts have survived, which represent not only the value for folk art in general, but also the cultural value in general.


Handmade - what is it?

Basically, when it comes to handicrafts, any person seems to be a woman engaged in this business. After all, sewing, knitting, weaving and embroidering are mainly an occupation for women. However, if there is imagination and power for creativity, practically everyone can do it.



Every product that is made by hand, has value to a person.Those who become the owner of the product, get some kind of attachment, not material, but emotional.

Even bread, as they often say, tastes better when cooked by hand, and not with the help of mechanical devices. The same is the case with needlework; for many, needlework is not only a way to escape or spend time, but also a way to earn money.

Handmade souvenirs - embroidered, made or painted - successfully come true in the shops of the same name and for tourists or art lovers they have their own value. Someone is interested to see the reflection of mythology in intricate embroidery or painting on pottery, someone loves the history of a particular people, and someone just liked a souvenir.

Modern handicraft and hand-made souvenirs in general are often called “hand-made” or “made by hand” in Russian.

Borrowing foreign words for the modern designation of some crafts is a common practice, but this can confuse or even scare some beginning needlewomen; It is much easier to say “patchwork” than “patchwork”, even if the second and in short,but in the first case it is more understandable to most.

An excellent example of a kind of extinct craft can be called blacksmithing. Of course, there are still blacksmiths in the tenth and more generations, but there are extremely few of these, and blacksmithing is not really necessary in modern times - life has become more measured, armor and armor are now needed only for decoration, rather than protection.






Like blacksmithing, pottery, jewelry and carpentry has existed since ancient times. One of the literally brilliant crafts is the jewelry; for jewelers, the main mission is to make it look beautiful and carry artistic value, while most of them work with the soul, and the result is beautiful jewelry.

One example of the artist-jeweler can be identified Carla Gustavovich Faberge, his famous eggs Faberge. From contemporaries, Alexander Tenzo is vividly showing himself, in whose products the eastern and northern colors are intertwined, along with the great-power chic, which perfectly characterizes the beauty of the country.

Nowhere modern craft can not escape from carpentry and carpentry.Feel free to say that both of these crafts are handicrafts, but with the use of auxiliary tools (such as saws, hammers, planing machines, etc.). Mainly men are doing this, because not every woman will be able to physically cut, cut and plane a tree; perfectly harmonizes the carpentry and joinery with the subsequent painting and carving in wood.

The house for each of us is a haven where you want to return, spend warm evenings with your family and relax from everyday problems. Modern appliances, new furniture, electronics make living in the house comfortable and convenient.



But how to make the house cozy? How to create comfort with their own hands in your own home?

And here handmade crafts made from natural materials, quilting, crafts made of wool, paper, ceramics, glass, etc. will become indispensable.


Handmade photo crafts


All of them will become a unique and refined decoration of your house.

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