Mountain Top Handmade Soap

1. To get started we will need: -0.5 kg of transparent soap base (I prefer English, very good at work). -River of blue color (see that the dye was non-migrant, i.e. not dissolved in the base, clearly kept its color and border). -The foil is ordinary food (we need to mash it a little). -Aromatizer (your choice and taste, I chose tropical fruits). -Places blue color. -Clean (ordinary watercolor). -Titanium dioxide (this is a powder that stains the base in white, pre-bred in water. Whether for you it is difficult or uncomfortable, take a white soap base for work.) -Smooth (it's impossible to work without it). -The figuring knife (it nicely cuts the edge of the prepared soap, if you do not have it, it does not matter , there will be just a smooth edge). -Measures and sticks for mixing.  To get started, we need
Important: before pouring the base and after all sprinkle with alcohol. In the first case, to remove the bubbles, and in the second for coupling layers. 2.We take a rectangular shape for our future soap, it is possible plastic, but I preferred silicone. It is easy to get a piece of the base from it, a minus of this form is that it is opaque, an invisible result after each stage of work. We lay out the crumpled foil on the bottom and sprinkle everything with alcohol.
 lay out the rumpled foil
3. We cut the base into cubes, divide it into 3 parts: 2 small and one big for the middle of our soap, some are heated in a microwave on average power. You can use a water bath for smelting, to whom it is more convenient. You can not bring the base to boil, better slower and longer.
 microw down
4. Add 5–6 drops of blue dye and 3–4 drops of flavoring, mix not much, trying not to create unnecessary unnecessary bubbles; Look at the intensity of the color, if you want to brighten, add a few more drops of paint.
 Fill the foil with a base layer
5. Fill the foil with a layer of base about 1 cm, wait, when a dense cooled layer appears.It is important to wait for the layer to solidify, not to fill the base with too hot, it can melt the bottom layer and then there will be no clear color boundaries.
 Fill the foil with a base layer

6. We heat up most of the base, add 1–2 teaspoons of titanium dioxide diluted in water, mix 6–7 drops of flavoring, mix and pour into the form, wait for a dense layer.
 We drown most of the base
 Leave the form with soap
7. We melt the remaining small part of the base, add 3-4 drops of blue dye, 2-3 drops of flavoring and pour into the form.
 Fill from the top
 Fill from the top
8. Leave the form with soap for 2-3 hours to harden well. The piece was thick enough, let it dry. Then gently remove from the mold and more carefully remove from the top of the foil, the process is slow and rather painstaking.
leave harden
 delete the foil
9. We take a brush, dab it a little and dunk it in mother of pearl, then carefully (so as not to overdo it) we apply mother of pearl on the very tips of the peaks.
Handmade Soap
Handmade Soap
We have a large bar of soap, from it you can cut a few smaller pieces, align the edges with a figure knife and our mountain peak sparkles in all its glory! We give the finished soap to lie on the air for another day, and then you can pack it.
 Handmade Soap

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