Happy and loved: Volochkova told about the new man

Fans are worried: the main thing is not just another deceiver. Anastasia Volochkova masterly knows how to twist the intrigue and keep the "audience" in suspense. You didn’t have time to cool off passion around the intimate photos that were poured into the Internet, as the ballerina, her lover Chermen Dzotov, suspects, and now the new plot zigzag: the actress was captured by a new relationship. She hinted at this quite transparently and more than once.

“But how cool it is to be loved! And everything else becomes irrelevant! ”Volochkova wrote on Instagram with the hashtags“ joy, ”“ love, ”“ happiness, ”accompanying her with a bouquet of white roses in her hand.

“What a happiness to be loved! A lot of colors and bright emotions! ”- this is with a different bouquet.

Photo: @volochkova_art

And then she boasted about the third:

“A bouquet of daisies, presented with love, turned out to be more intriguing and romantic than a bouquet of white roses. This is for the purpose of torturing me to wonder: he loves - he does not love ... A day is not enough for this occupation ... And it’s a pity to tear off the petals ... And so everything is clear ... Therefore, you can sleep a little more for a rehearsal.I wish you all good and love. When we experience these feelings, believe me, anxieties, grievances, fuss become dust. ”

Photo: @volochkova_art
Photo: @volochkova_art

Of course, the fans immediately began to guess who the lucky one was. Or even two of them - one with roses, the other with daisies?

“At last you have a shoulder and a back behind which everything uneasy! Happiness, love and joy! ”- write alone.

“Anastasia, open the secret - who is your chosen one?” - others ask.

“Probably from Chermen. He wants to continue, ”still others joke.

The most important thing is that Anastasia’s subscribers are experiencing so that the newcomer doesn’t take intimate photos and upload them to the Internet. That is why Volochkova has no luck with men. Some blame her for this, others blame the circumstances on which the ballerina becomes the victim. Maybe now she has finally got a chance for simple female happiness?

And someone Volochkova cheers up:

“I am sincerely happy for you! I see you kindly and open. Transfer with scandals did not even look. Why bother with all sorts of nonsense? Signed for you to get a portion of a good mood, and not delve into other people's problems. ”

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