Does size matter - or not?

Who among us, frivolous ladies and power ladies, does not like to drink tea with friends in a close circle and, rejoicing in the atmosphere of ease, chat about that - oh! Discuss the replenishment of the wardrobe over the past month, his new boyfriend, the size of his wallet, well, and ... And of that one, of course. In terms of the size of manhood.

Let's leave all the hypocritical, embarrassing, shy, that there is in our little heads, and, rejecting false shame, chatting about the size.

With a ruler in hand

One large firm specializing in the manufacture of the “rubber product number one” conducted research among condom users. During this, it turned out that the average length of the penis in an erection state is 168 mm (6.5 inches), and the average diameter is 30 mm. In different men, of course, penis size can vary greatly.

A. M. Svyadosh argues that the average length of the penis in a European man in an erection condition from the pubic bone is on average 10-15 cm, rarely - 20 cm.Length - more than 20 cm in Europe, is rare. However, there are differences in statistics for different peoples, residents of different parts of the world. It is considered, for example, that the Arabs and the indigenous people of the African continent are famous for the longest "dignity". There is often a length of 25-30 or more centimeters. G. Rohleder argues that in Egypt it is often possible to meet a man with a penis that reaches the size of the forearm of an average person.

But any group selected by race, implies a fairly large variation in numbers. For example, the well-known Indian book "Kama Sutra" gives its classification. It identifies four types of lingam (the fact that, being covered with a modest blush, we call “manhood”): “hare” - up to 6 cross fingers, “bull” - up to 9 cross fingers, “stallion” - up to 12 fingers and elephant "- over 12 transverse fingers. And, as is known, the cross finger of a man is on average equal to two centimeters. Not a scatter!

It is interesting how some young ladies predict the proportions of the reproductive organ by analogy with the nose, hands, feet and, of course, growth.Yes, there is the concept of a general constitution: if modern Adam has growth, like Uncle Stepa’s, it is quite logical that all parts of his body are harmonious - both his fingers, and feet, and ... and everything else. True, a weighty nose is clearly not an indicator, but a reason for conjectures and jokes.


Agree, when we meet a young man, we do not consider the tuberosity on his pants. That's the attractiveness of biceps, shoulder width, or impressive dimensions of his car - that's what interests us in the first place. At this stage, the size for us is not at all important.

However, a little later, when the relationship smoothly flows into the love bed, such a curiosity as sexual incompatibility can emerge. Some cynics could describe such a discrepancy: “when it knocks on the kidneys” (if the penis is significantly “bulky” than a narrow vagina and even a narrower introitus) or “like a pencil in a glass” (if the penis is too small for a large vaginal cavity and wide entry into it).

The first case is less distressing: the fact is that the walls of the “female container” are folds that easily stretch.Usually, the patience of both partners and careful training (always without hints of rudeness and violence - otherwise vaginismus will develop) with good lubrication help the couple to adapt to each other. In addition, positions with dangerous injuries should be avoided: with high elevation of the legs or “in the position of rider”. The main indicator - comfort and the absence of pain, discomfort.

The second variant of the incompatibility of the genital organs of the partners occurs when the woman has a large vaginal capacity - for example, after childbirth, and the man's penis is too small. Most often, the beloved is not satisfied with the absence of feelings within herself (by the way, optimists are happy that making blowjob is much easier and more convenient). However, this discrepancy is also non-lethal. It is necessary to take into account that the muscles of the vagina and its walls have the ability not only to expand, but also to contract. Therefore, a woman, by training muscles (today such trainings even have their own name - Vumbilding), can easily achieve complete girth and a small penis. The situation is worse with the postpartum violation of the integrity of the pelvic floor and first of all the tendon center.With the passage of the fetus often breaks occur, and the muscles that play an important role in sexual intercourse, injured. Over time, the muscles recover and, thanks to training, time and patience, return to normal, in their normal state.

Indispensable conditionfor quality sexin the second case, this is a good erection, since, by testing blood flow, the genital organ increases in size by one and a half times. To improve an erection, there are many ways. The main thing is to avoid cold, drafts. This time. Well, two - in no case do not complain about the "lack". Men, especially in old age, like women, need verbal encouragement, if instead of words of love and moral support they hear complaints, then an erection can disappear completely. Just like sex in general.

The variants “Malyu-Yu-Yusenky” / “Giant” are quite rare in reality. Basically, men have in the range of 10 to 20 cm.

Yes, any woman, of course, is happy with an average of seventeen centimeters, but you can also adjust to extreme values ​​if necessary. Well, do not throw the same good man just because he has a small size! You can experience a completely full orgasm with the right approach.Sexual compatibility and methods of “adjustment”, how to get the most pleasure and choose a pose, are well written in the “Kama Sutra”, which we have already mentioned. So go ahead - study the centuries-old knowledge!

Still, size does matter?

Funny, but in the 17th century in Sweden, a special law established the measure of the length of the husband’s penis (5 Rhine inches), and any significant deviation could lead to a court sentence about the husband’s inability to marry, on the basis of which the wife could divorce. Extreme, of course, and absurd!

Yes, it is pleasant for any woman to realize that her partner is a “stallion”, but this is a secondary matter. In the foreground in any relationship, after all, the relations themselves, the feelings, the desire to please each other.

We looked at the topic of "value of size" through the eyes of women. There are more problems with men. And their troubles are purely psychological: sometimes there are instances “turned” on size, notoriously complex. And with sex, they have problems not because of the “crumbling” - not at all! - and because of their attitude. Such men, instead of getting physical pleasure, scold themselves with thoughts, like, “Oh, she doesn’t like it! He is too small. I can't make her happy. ”(Stupidity is incredible!) And it is not surprising that these types do not produce a pleasant impression. Still, the mood itself is important, confidence.

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