Hauling computer chair

In the process of using furniture, sooner or later it becomes unfit for use. If the budget of your family can not allow the replacement of old furniture, it can be solved by self-repair. As an example, imagine a computer chair. More precisely, the neck of the computer chair with their own hands. The first and most important step is the choice of material for the neck of the computer chair. Today on the market offer a wide range of different materials. Beginning from usual upholstery fabric and finishing with kozhzam or genuine leather. It is necessary to choose a material that will have the necessary technological properties (extensibility, strength, etc.). And also combined with the design of your room. Our choice was based on natural leather. In addition to the upholstery, attention should be paid to the state of the filler. If he trots or began to crumble it needs to be replaced. Foam rubber or polyurethane foam can be used as a filler. Before starting the process of stretching a computer chair,you need to prepare the necessary tools: Phillips and ordinary screwdrivers, narrow-nose pliers, a construction stapler, staples, a ruler, scissors, a stationery knife, a wrench and a cap wrench (8-10). Now let's proceed directly to the waist-up. First, unscrew the back and remove the old upholstery.
build armchair
To do this, you need an anti-stapler or a simple screwdriver, since material is attached with staples. Then, by the size of the old upholstery, we cut out a new one and attach it to the site with a construction stapler.
 unwind the chair
 all materials for the waist
cut the skin
We carry out the same procedure with the seat of a computer chair. After the back and seat are tightened, fasten them into place to the frame of the chair.
dragged armchair
 Hauling Computer Chair

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