Healing Power

Healing composition

This plant grows along the banks of drainage systems and ditches, on wet meadows and on the slopes of river banks. Zivokost is recognized as a fodder and easily cultivated plant, it gained its popularity due to the rich yields and content in the stem, roots and leaves of a large amount of remarkably digestible protein and substances that are biologically active.
Larkspur is effective in treating diseases of the skeletal system. It is used as an external agent for wounds that have not healed for a long time. This action is based on a significant amount of allantoin in its roots (a healing wound that strengthens the regenerative processes in the cells of the tissue).

Application of comfrey

A decoction of comfrey washed affected tissue, put compresses with this healing medicine on wounds (the tool helps dissolve secretions from the wound and pus), as a result of such manipulations even chronic ulcers are delayed.Due to the content of tannins and mucous substances in the composition, zhivokost is effective in the treatment of old wounds.
A decoction of the roots of this plant is recommended for taking healing baths. Baths with decoction of the root of the larkshaft remarkably heal open type ulcers or suppurations (of a chronic nature) and are found in smokers and the elderly. To prepare the drug in one cup (300 grams) of finely ground comfrey add two to three liters of water. Boil the roots for ten minutes. Then, for the same amount of time, leave them to infuse, and then strain. In the broth prepared in this way, dip feet or feet.
When ulcers are formed not on the legs, the lesions need to be poured over with the prepared medicinal decoction from the roots of the larkspur. In case such manipulations deliver strong pain, it is recommended to apply a compress from the decoction to the wounds.
For fractures, bruises, infringements and various sprains, compresses from gruel of the roots of this plant are used. Compress helps to eliminate the inflammatory process in the tendons, muscles and nerves.This procedure perfectly helps the joints exposed to heavy loads. When applying compresses, overstressed ligaments and muscles quickly recover.
Homeopathic medicine sold in the pharmacy network (which is based on zhivokost), is recommended for various injuries of the spine and intervertebral discs, arthrosis, bone fractures and inflammatory processes in the periosteum.

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