Valentine's Day Heart

Very soon, the Valentine's Day, the people still call him St. Valentine, and we are already preparing the preparation of gifts. On this day, it is not necessary to run headlong into the store and look for a gift, just think a little and make a souvenir for the holiday with your own hands. We are very well suited for this today's master class. So, what kind of materials will we need: • Two foam hearts; • Napkins for decoupage with the image of Teddy bears; • • White acrylic paint; • Coffee beans , approximately 20-30 grams; • PVA glue; • Acrylic lacquer for decoupage; • • Titan or Dragon glue; • Brushes for decoupage and acrylic paint; • Two bamboo sticks; • Gold acrylic paint; • Two bowls and a plate; • Red ribbons, semi-beads, glutinous ladybugs, red shiny hearts; • • Plastic bag; • • Regular kitchen sponge; • A pair of glue sticks.
 materials for the heart
We overlay the table with a package, pour white paint in one bowl,then take the sponge, dunk it in the paint and paint the hearts on one side. Give time to dry, about 40-50 minutes, then apply the second layer and also give dry.
 paint hearts
color sponge

In the second bowl we dilute water and PVA glue in equal proportions, mix well. Prepared glue mixture. Now we take a napkin for decoupage and carefully cut off two bears that we need for hearts. On the one hand, we will decorate the hearts with decoupage technique, and on the other, we will overlay hearts with coffee beans.
 Pour glue
cloth with a picture
Now we remove the topmost layer separately from each picture.
 trim a picture
separate the layer with the picture
The pictures are ready, the surface of the hearts is completely dry, let's start decorating. Putting one bear to the heart and glue the mixture to glue the pattern on the heart.We start to glue the picture from the middle.
 glue the picture
Also, glue the second bear on the second heart. The drawings are glued, letting the surface dry. Then we take acrylic lacquer for decoupage and put a layer on the hearts, letting it dry again.

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