Heated floor in the bathroom or toilet: the pros and cons

Coziness and comfort in housing largely depends on what temperature condition is maintained in residential premises. Equally important is the rational distribution of the movement of heat across the air zones in the rooms.
The installation of the "warm floor" system provides an even distribution of heat in the room. But if, when installed in rooms, such a solution is rarely questioned, a heater in a toilet or bathroom may seem unnecessary. Before making a decision, you can consider the pros and cons of such an element of improvement.

Advantages of the "warm floor"

The good sides of a heat-insulated floor are obvious - it, first of all, increase of comfort. The cold air in the room is collected in its lower part, and heating with the help of the system leads to warming in the room. Hot air circulation reduces the likelihood of drafts.
The "warm floor" system can be used as an alternative source of heating. Installation can be done regardless of the traditional steam heating, and the regulation of temperature conditions in each room, if desired, is set separately.
It is especially important to use the “warm floor” system in the bathroom and toilet - rooms that are exposed to moisture more than others. The installation of the system will ensure the optimum humidity of the atmosphere in the room and help extend the life of the finish.

Disadvantages of "warm floor"

The system "warm floor" there are also disadvantages. Usually, in discussing its pros and cons, three arguments are cited as flaws. This radiation, unsafe for human health, excessive dryness of the air and considerable operating costs.
As for the first argument, with the modern quality of these systems, it should be regarded more as a myth from the times when “warm floors” only began to appear. Their installation was carried out mainly by self-educated fitters, while the attitude to the quality standards during installation was rather cool.Test tests of modern systems show that when emitted from a working “warm floor”, the background is not higher than from a simple electrical wiring in a wall.
Regarding increased air drying, it can be said that the degree of heating can be easily adjusted - so that the floor is not cold and the atmosphere of the room is acceptable for a comfortable stay. The cost of space heating in this way is really not a cheap one, but it is determined individually. When calculating it is necessary to take into account the climatic conditions, and the degree of thermal insulation of housing, the availability of other types of heating. It is also necessary to take into account the final finishing of the floor - the materials when setting up the system in toilets and bathrooms should be chosen especially carefully due to the high humidity in these rooms. With an excessively high cost of such heating in a particular case, you can try to save - to regulate the heating, for example.
Installation of such a system is not in the whole apartment, but only in several rooms, it is also considered to be a way to save.

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