Herringbone, stand still! How to protect her from children and cats

10 original and safe ideas for New Year's interior.

If there are small children or pets in the house, the New Year threatens to end in a real disaster. The main source of danger these days is the holiday tree. Brilliant, elegant - kids and pets to her and pulls. And with the most destructive thoughts.

But do not deprive yourself of the holiday and the Christmas tree! You just need to creatively approach the process. So that the tree does not collapse on the home, its first step is to be securely fastened. Do not stint on a good stand for the tree. If possible, additionally tie the trunk with a tight line to the curtain rail.

Try to do without rain and other tinsel. Your child or pet can easily swallow them, and it is already dangerous for life! Although sometimes it seems that a festively dressed cat with a second tail of serpentine is fun. No, better not.

Hang fragile glass toys on top of a tree, and decorate lower branches with large plastic balls.And of course, no wires from the garlands in the access zone of kids and animals.

How else can you protect the house without damage to the New Year's interior? We have ten ways.

Behind the glass

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If at your dacha or in the garage the old sideboard is gathering dust, then its time has come. Just put the Christmas tree in the closet, light the garlands and do not forget how to close the door. New year saved! In addition, a large aquarium will help protect the Christmas tree from home invaders. Unless, of course, the fish from him have long since moved out and it stands idle.

In the children's arena

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Such protection would hardly be saved from animals, but easily from children. For the reliability of the design, support it from the inside with boxes from under the gifts.

Behind the fence

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Arrange a winter garden at home. Put the Christmas tree in the corner, fence off its fence. You can buy a hedge in a large hardware store. In addition, special fences are found in children's departments.

Over the mountain of gifts

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Huge boxes will help save the Christmas tree from home raids. Only, instead of gifts, put something in a baffle inside, for example, the husband’s dumbbells, and build a barricade around the tree.

Trimming for the Christmas tree

No fences and other fortifications! Just chop off the lower branches of the tree. The view is, of course, specific, but for the home it is safe. Well, so that the cat on the trunk was crawling off foot, spray it with citrus oil or lemon juice. They say such fuzzy smells do not tolerate.

All the best from above

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If you do not cut the green branches, the hand does not rise, there is a more gentle procedure - to decorate the tree only half. Just put the tree away from the chairs, sofas and chest of drawers, where a child or pet can climb to reach the top of the Christmas tree.

Inflatable tree

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The easiest option, and with minimal time, we found on the pages of Chinese online stores. This is an inflatable tree. With illumination, 2.1 meters high and a pump in the kit, it will cost a little more than three thousand rubles. Christmas tree is made of polyester, which means it can be washed. Great idea if there are children in the house. But hardly suitable for pets - it is very big temptation to try your claws on the Christmas tree.

On the ceiling

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Move to another plane. Christmas tree can be hung on the ceiling.The main thing is to fix both the tree and the toys on it so that in the festive night instead of snow the tree does not fall on its head.

On the chandelier

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If the lamp is hung tight enough, you can easily make a Christmas tree. Decorate the chandelier with fir branches, hang lanterns and decorations. What is not a fabulous forest!

On the wall

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Great idea for small apartments - a Christmas tree on the wall. The only negative - on your favorite wallpaper may remain traces of glue. So, we fasten thin planks on the wall. They will be the frame for our tree. We glue spruce branches on them. Add light decoration, and our tree is ready!

In addition, the Christmas tree on the wall can be made of LED lights, green tinsel, or even made of cardboard.

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