Holidays in Israel. Amazing Galilee

Galilee is an area in Israel, striking for its bright landscapes. The mountains are covered with mist, here and there on the tops, which are buried in lush needles and foliage of trees, there are ruins of ancient fortresses, brooks murmur in the gorges and waterfalls roar out. No less beautiful are the fertile valleys with date palms, citrus, olive trees and even tropical bananas. And all this magnificence is reflected in the wonderful lake Kinneret.
You can get to Galilee from Israel. To do this, you need to overcome about 200 kilometers by car. The first guests meets the lake. It opens to the gaze unexpectedly - it is enough to descend into a deep depression formed by the mountains of Galilee and the Golan heights, and you can see the huge water surface. Surrounded by yellow-green mountains, the lake looks incredibly fabulous and harmonious. The Kinneret is not only a natural reservoir, which is a source of fresh water, but also a resort area, beloved by many Israelis.Hotels, guest houses, equipped beaches - everything is provided for recreation. Many prefer to rest savage, using the services of campgrounds, equipped with showers, toilets, restaurants, cafes, fireplaces and barbecues.
The excursion boat will allow you to make an unforgettable walk on the lake, after which you can recuperate and improve your health in hot springs rich in sulfur and salts.
The next attraction of Galilee is the resort of Tiberias. It is located by the lake, but has all the characteristics of a seaside resort. There are beaches, palm trees, embankments, luxury hotels, discos and restaurants. The city is small - about 40,000 inhabitants, but its size should not be frightened by the fact that the rest will be boring. The history of the city is almost 2000 years old, modern buildings here are side by side with ruins and ancient monuments. Many sights preserved from biblical times - this is the excavation of ancient settlements. There are buildings of the Roman period, for example, the remains of a tower and an aqueduct, as well as mosques and buildings erected in the XVIII-XIX centuries. The Greek Orthodox Church of the Twelve Apostles can be seen in the city center near the lake.It was built on the ruins of a Byzantine church dating from the 4th century.
The narrow streets of the old Lower Town will surprise with houses built of black basalt. Being among them, it can be understood that you are in the Jewish quarter, outside of which, until the beginning of the 20th century, Jews were forbidden to live. The contrast of this place is the area of ​​mansions and luxury villas. It appeared in the last century in the 20s and is called Kiryat Shmuel.
Just two kilometers south of the city and you can be at the famous sources "Hamat Tiberias". Even the Romans appreciated all the advantages of these places and began to build here a bath. Not far from the sources you can see the ruins of an ancient synagogue, on the floors of which the signs of the zodiac are depicted. It is impossible not to inspect the remains of the settlements that were built on this site in the I-IV centuries. The sources did not go unnoticed by the Turkish authorities, who built a hydropathic here.
30 kilometers north of Tiberias on the highway, climbing serpentine to the picturesque mountain ranges, and you find yourself in Safed. Without exaggeration, this city can be called the capital of world Kabalism. This mystical and mysterious course of Judaism was brought to Israel from Spain by fleeing rabbis. Kabbalah had many students in Safed, religious schools began to open.Today, modern educational institutions in which Kabbalists come from all over the world and old synagogues adjoin here. The atmosphere in the city is cheerful and a bit mystical. It literally fills the winding streets and alleys, in which, apart from the synagogues of the Old City, there are art salons and numerous souvenir shops of the Artists' Quarter. Safed lives in a single Kabbalah - its marvelous landscapes attract artists who form a sort of colony. There are so many works that they do not fit into galleries and workshops.
In Safed it is imperative to walk a lot to get to the top of the mountain, at the foot of which the city is located, along the streets going up. Let the height of 900 meters does not frighten, the ascent is worth it from the very summit to see the breathtaking scenery - the Mediterranean Sea, Lake Kinneret, the snow-capped peak of Mount Hermon.

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