Home alone: ​​what a child is capable of in a second without supervision

“I turned away for a split second,” that is the collective name for all the photos in our collection.

Every parent knows: if the child has subsided, it means that the matter is bad. Or eat jam hands from the banks, or draws on the dog, or enthusiastically bathes in the toilet. Or maybe the sofa is gutting. In general, the quiet behavior of a child does not promise anything good. Parents made a flash mob on the network, showing what their kids are capable of, left unattended for a very short time. “I turned away literally for two minutes, and he ...” - this signature can be made common to all pictures.

Sometimes the damage inflicted by small terrorists flies into a pretty penny. For example, if we are talking about damaged furniture or a scratched car. And sometimes the pranks are completely harmless. Here, for example, James Brickwell, a writer and father of four children, made a landmark out of children's dirty tricks: he framed a picture on the wall and signed it. It turned out even cute.

Photo: @XplodingUnicorn
Photo: @XplodingUnicorn
Photo: @XplodingUnicorn

Parents - the authors of the pictures of little dirty people sympathize with each other. But it does not happen that among the sympathetic replicas of someone else’s “What kind of parents are you!”. The claim is this: if you know that children draw everything in a row wherever they can reach out, why don't you remove all these objects from the field of access? Ha! Interestingly, how would these arrogant, no doubt, childless people each time get shaving foam (shower gel, whipped cream, flour, dog food) from the mezzanine. But we are not one of them. We just laugh a little bit, looking at what one average child can do in just a couple of minutes.

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