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Dear hostess, do you often study the composition of the products that you use for cleaning, washing and washing dishes? No? But it is in vain. On occasion, read the information on the label. But there was a time when our grandmothers and great-grandmothers washed and washed kitchen utensils using only household soap. But they were much healthier than you and me. Is not it? After all, this soap does not contain almost any chemical additives, which are stuffed with scented and multi-colored toilet soaps. In addition, it is washed well, and fights bacteria very successfully. And why shouldn't we, modern housewives, take care of their health and independently make a dishwashing detergent based on this nondescript-looking and having a very unpleasant smell of “brick”. For example, to make a simple dishwashing gel you need no more than a third of an hour.
 Detergents for the home
And for the realization of this idea is not will need some refined, scarce or expensive components. Only quite affordable and cheap tools.As a result, you get a homemade gel, which not only washes the dishes well, easily splits fat, but also copes well with contamination of the cooking plate. To make the gel, you only need 4 components: • 25 g of economic soap; • 40 ml. glycerin; • 500 ml. water; • 15 ml. vodka.
will need
The process of making homemade gel is very simple: Pour water into a ladle, put it on a fire and bring to a boil.
bring to a boil
So far, from a large piece of soap, cut the right amount of grams and chop this small piece on a grater with small cells.
Put the soap chips in a spacious bucket and fill with half of the boiled water. Thoroughly mixing and gradually pouring in the remaining water, bring the soap composition to the complete dissolution of the chips.
 bring the soap composition
You can use the steam bath to speed up the process.Give the soap solution about five minutes to cool, then add the remaining two components (glycerin and vodka).
 the remaining two components
Once again, mix thoroughly - you get a homogeneous soap the mass, which after complete cooling, can be poured into a convenient container for use.
 washed off with warm water
At first Acquiring part you get liquid, but do not worry, as far as cooling it will thicken and acquire a consistency of a gel. When used as intended, it will form a rich foam, which is easily washed off with warm water.
 Detergents for the home
Perhaps, unlike the store funds, one drop of which is supposedly enough for a mountain of dirty dishes, the consumption of homemade gel will be somewhat more. But if you consider that you can make 6 liters of gel from a bar of soap weighing 300 g, a homemade dishwashing detergent is much more economical, and not so unhealthy,as its industrial counterparts.  Detergents for the home
Take a step towards health!

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