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Prefab houses

Houses from the frame - this is housing, which uses the minimum amount of wood building materials and insulation. The framework of the future structure is first constructed from the boards and planks, the corners are fixed with the help of special metal corners. Outside and inside the walls are sheathed with boards or chipboard panels. Inside the wall and laid insulation. It must be chosen carefully, because it depends on him whether the house will keep warm. Outside the walls are closed with hydro-insulating film, and siding or other facade material is already being installed on it. Inside the house in the same way the walls are closed with foil, but already vapor barrier. It is necessary that the house "breathed", but at the same time was warm.

Because of the durable frame, such a house can withstand any vagaries of nature, but at the same time it is being built quickly and at minimal cost. The foundation for such houses can be chosen light - columnar or tape, not much buried in the ground. Frame houses are good because its construction does not require special knowledge.A person who does not have any experience in construction will easily cope with a simple project. The main thing is to be able to use the construction tool.

Frame houses are popular in Canada and in the Scandinavian countries. Due to good insulation and natural insulation, such houses in northern countries can last for about 20 years.

The disadvantage of frame houses is that they are still short-lived. After the same 20 years you will have to completely rebuild the house, change the whole frame and insulation. Such houses are rather fragile, a person with a “heavy” hand will be able to easily break through the wall. Another bad thing is that you cannot hang shelves, eaves or cabinets on such a wall without additional reinforcement.

When building frame houses do not forget that all the racks and beams need to be pre-dried and treated with a waterproof solution. Do not interfere with the treatment of wood means of decay. These actions increase the lifespan of wood construction. The insulation on both sides of the wall needs to be fixed correctly, without confusing the sides of the film. Otherwise, the insulation inside will be moistened and lose its properties.

Houses from a bar

Bar-shaped houses look more durable and reliable than the frame. Such houses are built entirely of profiled timber. It is impossible to manually break a thick wall, but you need to have enough knowledge to build a house from a bar.

The foundation for a log home should be powerful; it is desirable that it be dug deep into the ground. After the house is built of timber, you need to leave it for at least a year to dry and shrink. Only then you can begin finishing work. In the northern areas, such houses still need a little warmth to keep the house warm.

Houses from a bar will stand not one decade, and, probably, will get to your grandsons. Of course, in a few decades you will have to change the lower rims, which are most susceptible to rotting.

The undoubted advantage of houses from a bar is that this material has good thermal insulation properties. In such a house will not be cold in winter, and in summer it is not hot. The humidity in such a house is maintained so that the people living in it will feel good.


Whatever house you choose, it is important that it was warm, comfortable and not damp. In a good house you always feel perfect, and your health grows stronger.No wonder they say that at home "walls heal."

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